Starwars Lightsabers From Cardboard

Introduction: Starwars Lightsabers From Cardboard

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hey, friends, I am a big fan of star wars and I always wanted to make a lightsaber .but I don't like the electronic one .so I made with the help of cardboard and it glows too.

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Step 1:

materials required-

  • cardboard roll
  • cardboard
  • paints
  • adhesive
  • scissors

after collecting the material you will take the cardboard and cut 2 rectangles,1 stripe, and 2 circles. now paste the circles on the both ends and the rectangle, stripes also.

Step 2:

take a bowl and pour some water in it. now add an equal amount of adhesive in it and make a solution.tear some napkins and using the solution cover the whole saber.wait till it to be dry.

Step 3:

prepare your paint brushes.cute one big rectangle, one small rectangle, and two circles .paint them as I had paint the hollow space gray.and keep painting till it is dark.

Step 4:

take the circles and paste them on the both ends of the roll.take the small rectangle and cut it into 3 pieces and paste them too.using gray paint create designs on the handle and keep adding layers of paint till its dark.wait for it to be dry.

Step 5:

now finally paste the large rectangle and apply adhesive first on the joint and wait till it is dry .cover the whole blue part with adhesive

Step 6:

wait for it to be dry and your saber will shine if struck with light can make two light sabers to have a lightsaber clash with your friend .this saber is hard easy to make and it shines too!

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