Static Grass Applicator

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Tutorial on how to make a static grass applicator.

For this project you are going to need:

Electric racket

Black Nylon Waterproof Cable Connector Gland 13-18 mm

Static grass

Scenic War

White glue

Silicone glue

Instant glue

Electrical tape

Electric cable

Scissors - Stitch

Soldering iron

Tin wire

Nib pliers

Diagonal pliers

Alligator claw

Container plastic with cover


Arc saw

Drilling machine

Philips wrench

Telephone battery




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Step 1:

Sierra racket

Step 2:

Cut the racket electricity wire. Avoid receiving electric shock.

Step 3:

Remove the remainder of the cable using the soldering iron.

Step 4:

Make a hole for the output of the electric cable

Step 5:

it is necessary to make a no on the cable on the inner side, to prevent it from releasing the device during use.

Step 6:

weld the new cable

Step 7:

Cut part of the Waterproof Cable Connector

Step 8:

Sanding the Waterproof Cable Connector

Step 9:

Weld the ends of the cables

Step 10:

Solder the batteries.

Step 11:

Put the batteries in the equipment and weld the electrical part with the racket.

Step 12:

glue the cap with the super glue

Step 13:

Use the Waterproof Cable Connector as a reference to drill the hole in the pot lid.

Step 14:

Prepare a hole in the acetate.

Step 15:

Glue the acetate onto the applicator cap to prevent static grass from returning to the electrical part of the equipment.

Step 16:

Put the mesh of the sieve in the pot.

Step 17:

Step 18:


Step 19:

Step 20:

Step 21:

Step 22:

Step 23:

Attention, caution when using this equipment!

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