Static Sound! Make Crowds Dance With the DIY Speaker!

Introduction: Static Sound! Make Crowds Dance With the DIY Speaker!

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Using polystyrene balls and static electricity you can create crowds that dance!

What you will need:

DIY Speaker
A balloon
Polystyrene balls

Step 1: Create Static

Stick the exciter of the DIY Speaker to the balloon, and then rub your hair all over the balloon to create static for the polystyrene ball to cling to

Step 2: Add the Crowd

Pour polystyrene balls over the balloon - they should stick to it because of the static!

Step 3: Let the Music Play!

Connect your DIY Speaker, turn it on, and play a tune...

Step 4: Watch the Crowds Jumping!

Enjoy as your crowds of fans jump to the beat!

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    5 years ago

    I think a video of this would awesome!