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Here's a simple, yet useful, modern desktop stationery holder. This holder features a slot-clip for the BOSE Build speaker and a phone stand so you can also control your music. Right beside your phone stand is a standard size sticky-note holder (also equipped with a finger slip to help lift one out). And beside that is a simple pencil holder. Put this all together and you get simple modern style desktop stationery holder! And I’ve made this design to be highly 3D printable and filament efficient (while still holding good aesthetics), this means you don’t need to waste a ton of filament on supports and things like that. I’ve made four iterations of this design to accommodate two design options: rounded corners and “hint” markings. This means that there are four “version” you can pick from: the design with rounded corners but no “hint” markings, rounded corners with the “hint” markings, clean-cut corners without “hint” markings, and clean-cut corners with the “hint” markings. Because of these variations, I’ve had to create a few more files —an STL and a .f3z— for each variation. I also had to take several more photos for each variation. That’s why I’ve organized everything in zipped folders. The four images that are not in the zipped folders are my “showcase” models for each design, showing off the un/rounded corders and/or the “hints”. The naming system I used to ID these different variations are using flags: -cut = with clean cut corners, -fillet = with rounded corners, -markings = with “hint” markings, and -noMarkings = without “hint” markings. All files and images follow this naming system so you can ID which design you are printing or viewing. Thanks! This design was made in Fusion 360.

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