Statue of Liberty




Introduction: Statue of Liberty

Step 1: Set Up Base

Step 2: Put in Cross Bars

Step 3: Set Up Top Section

Step 4: Attach Bottom and Top Section

Step 5: Build Crown and Neck Section

Step 6: Attach Crown to Spine Structure

Step 7: Close Up of Top Section

Step 8: Ensure All Cross Bars Taught

Step 9: Create Face

Step 10: Attach Face to Neck Section

Step 11: Create Hair Line

Step 12: Create and Attach Hair at Rear

Step 13: Attach Left Arm and Tablet

Step 14: Create Framework for Robe

Step 15: Start to Create Robe

Step 16: Rear View

Step 17: Robe Completed

Step 18: Robe Right Shoulder

Step 19: Attach Right Arm and Tourch

Step 20: Build From Distance

Step 21: Build Top Close Up

Step 22: Section Build

Step 23: Statue of Liberty Completed



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    7 Discussions

    WOW The instructions are pointless, but the thing itself is REALLY cool.

    Wow, this is HUGE! Great job building it! Favorited.

    Oh, my. VOTED! This is amazing! One of the best K'nex creations I have seen in a while!

    I have never worked with knex, but I logged many hours in my younger years crafting with their predecessor .. erector sets.

    All i can say is well done. This is an immensely impressive build, both in size and creativity.

    Are they k'nex? I suggest you add the building material in the title or the Instructable. Great photos! Did you glue it together for permanence/weather-proofing? How do your neighbors like Lady Liberty?