Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

So this is my first Instructable, so bare with me if I don't make this correct.  So I was one day watching my favorite and best movie of all time Ghostbusters.  I was watching Stay Puft walk down the streets and I thought that does not seem to hard to make.  I had an image of what I would need and started with the what I thought would be the hardest, the head.  If I could get that done the rest would be easy sailing I figured.

Chicken Wire
Paper Mache
Spray Paint
Cheap large shirt and pants
Chemical cleaning boots
White gloves

All in all relatively cheap, no more than a store bought costume

Step 1: The Head

I first found a good picture of Stay Puft's head online to use as a reference.  I next got a thing of chicken wire. I just started bending and forming the chicken wire while connecting pieces by bending the wire together.  As I put the top part onto the basic bulk shape I was shocked by how it had formed Stay Puft's shape so similarly.

I next debated on making Stay Puft's sailor cap out of something different or just make it out of chicken wire as well.  I decided to give the chicken wire a try and again it came out actually looking like the sailor cap.  I then attached the sailor cap wire to the head by twisting the end of the wires together.

Once the wire frame was complete, I Googled a paper mache recipe since I could not remember how to make it from those middle school years!  Once I had recipe made up (hint add some cinnamon to the mixture, it makes the paper mache smell good!!), I started ripping pieces of news paper into long pieces and started laying them over the frame.  I think I put two to three layers onto the frame.

Once the mache was all done, I got some high gloss white spray paint and painted the entire head.  After painting I put my Stay Puft image into Photoshop and scaled the mouth and eyes to make a template.  I then traced the template onto the head and cut the mouth out.  I then made the eyes by coloring them in with black sharpie.

Next I got some felt that I hot glued the printed "Stay Puft" onto.  I then hot glued the felt around the sailor cap and added a black button with a red piece of felt to the top.

Once the head was complete I went to building 19 to get some thick foam padding and epoxy glued them inside the head to make it so it would not fall off.  It made a nice but incredibly hot fit, it even survived dancing.

Step 2: The Rest of the Body

I went to Walmart and bought an XL long-sleeved white shirt and an XXXL shirt. I did the same for the pants as well, finding white sweatpants.

For the shirt I took two pillows, one in the front and one in the back.  I put them between the shirts and sewed the top and bottom of the shirt closed.  I then sewed the two cuffs together and then put stuffing down the arms.  About halfway up each arm I sewed the shirts together to make a "Fat Roll".  I then put more stuffing up to the shoulder and sewed it shut again.

For the pants I did the same method as the shirt except I left the waist top unsewed so I could add more stuffing as needed.

I then took some felt and cut out a next area for the sailor bib.  I then lined the  felt with some white ribbon trim and cut a red bow tie out of felt.

For the shoes I found some chemical cleaning booties that go over your shoes and just put stuffing in them.

Step 3: Final Result

Once I had the whole suit on I ended up safety pinning the waist of the pants to the ends on the shirt to hold them together while moving around.  I wore some white gloves and was complete.

Everyone loved the costume and kept wanting pictures with it.  I will say it is incredibly hot with all that stuffing though.  I brought along some straws and was able to drink my beer through them with this on!!

All in all I made this in a few weeks working an hour or two here and there.

Hope you enjoy and if have any questions feel free to ask.!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Ha! That is excellent - they way you did the stuffing looks great. Definitely a cold weather costume!