Stay Warm, Eat Melted M&Ms!




Introduction: Stay Warm, Eat Melted M&Ms!

Why melt your M&Ms?

-Because they are delicious!  The candy shell cracks, still holding in the warm melted chocolate. 

-Stay warm in the winter with this tasty heated snack!  If hot chocolate gives you a tummy ache, have some hot M&Ms instead!

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Step 1: Method 1: Space Heater

This is my favorite way to melt M&Ms.  If you have a space heater or I guess a radiator in your room you can melt them right on top of it!  Just fold a little tray out of paper (an index card works well) and place it on top of the heater.  The shells will crack when they are done, it usually takes around 5 minutes (more or less depending on how hot the heater is).

PRO:  The heater is already on, so you aren't wasting electricity.  This yummy warm snack will warm you from the inside as you warm yourself by the heater.

CON: Only works in the winter when you use your heater.

Step 2: Method 2: at Your Desk

Use the same paper tray as with the heater.  Bend your desk lamp over and let the heat from the bulb melt the M&Ms.  This also takes about 5 minutes, you might want to rotate the tray and turn the M&Ms over after a couple minutes so they all melt evenly. 

PRO: You can make this delicious snack right at your desk!

CON: Your roommate might think you're a weirdo, but it's ok to be weird.  Might not work as well with CFL bulbs.

Step 3: Method 3: Microwave

Simple, just microwave a plate of M&Ms.

CON: Way too easy to burn the chocolate in the microwave.  I don't really like this method because of that.

Step 4: Variations

You don't have to stick with regular, try this with mint or peanut butter M&Ms!  See if you can find other things to melt them with (hot laptop, leave them in a car in the summer...)

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    6 Discussions

    Can I melt M&Ms completely into like a colorful dipping sauce by mixing them after in the microwave. I want to dip them as a coating chocolate for some truffles.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Oooh, try it! Let us know how it turns out!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I saw this, then tossed a handful onto a plate and put it in front of the fireplace. I am enjoying them now!

    Nice idea! I like warm M&M's but I usually one have that when they melt in my pocket, which isn't pleasant to eat.