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Hi all, I'm a video enthusiast and for this reason I decided to build a steady cam to get action videos with the smartphone.

The steady cam is essentially composed of a support and a mechanical oscilloscope, and this allows to stabilize the abrupt movements the operator performs while taking a movie.

Step 1: Necessary Equipment

  • A little 3D Printer (working area 150 x 150 mm)
  • Lathe machine
  • Drill machine
  • Hand shaw
  • Bending
  • Tips to drill and metric Threaded Male
  • Keys for screwing screws

Step 2: Part to Build

Some parts are printed on Pla or Abs and a couple of mechanical parts.

Files to print:

anello piccolo

anello grande

supporto telefono

staffaggio telefono



Mechanichal parts:

These are the constructive drawings for building mechanical parts:

Some images of the construction phases:

To complete the assembly, these components are also required:

N°8 M4 self-locking nuts

N°2 M4 nuts

N°1 Screw TCEI M4x12

N°2 Screw TCEI M4x16

N°2 Screw TCEI M4x60

N°2 Compression spring

diameter wire d.0,5mm

external diameter 7mm

lenght 85mm

N°1 knob M6x10 or a srew.

Step 3: Assembly Video

This is a useful video for assembling all the parts that make up the steady cam.

Step 4: Comparison Video With or Without Steady Cam

Here you can see the difference of a video shot with or without steady cam.



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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    thank you for your compliments

    Mitch Tuba

    1 year ago

    Excellent. The best one yet. Well done. I am certainly making one for me. Thanks a ton

    1 reply
    tomas77Mitch Tuba

    Reply 1 year ago

    Nice. This is probably the most detailed DIY steady cam that I have seen. Most people just use a stick with a weight on it.

    1 reply