Steak Canapés

Introduction: Steak Canapés

If you have ever been lucky enough to attend a high profile corporate event then chances are that you will of been served these or something similar to them, whilst sipping champagne. These tiny opulent treats are not only incredibly easy to make, but they have one of the most incredibly mark ups i have ever seen, with them being sold on for over a £1 each. If you want to really impress friends or take your dinners up a tier to wow a business clients then i suggest that you make an attempt to make these.

There are several rule that you should follow if you want to try to make your own canapes or indeed create new ones.

1. with few exceptions they should be circular (this steak canape is one of the exceptions)

2. they should generally consist of 4 separate components and this order;

a. The base, b. the main ingredient, c. the sauce. d. the garnish

3 They should consist of 1 mouthful

4. They should be rather salty, this is to encourage more drinking of champagne that is always served with them.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Still interested ?


Yorkshire pudding

35g Flour

1 Egg

50ml Milk

2 small Steaks

1 small knob of butter optional


Thyme sprigs

This recipe can be broken up in to 4 steps

Step 1 mix the Yorkshire pudding Batter

Step 2 Cook the Batter

Step 3 Cook the Steak

Step 4 Arrange

Step 1 Mix the Yorkshire pudding mixture

mix the flour eggs and milk together in a measuring jug, ensure that there are no lumps by thoroughly beating with a fork or whisk then transfer into a bottle with a squeeze top.

Step 2 Cook the Batter

In a hot pan place oil and allow to reach just below smoking point, then squeeze the batter in a circle just above the size of a large coin, the batter should puff up a little like pancakes, at this point you can flip them over, and cook for around 20 seconds on the other side( its easier to use your fingers due to there size)

Step 3 Cook the steak

once you have finished cooking the batter use the same pan and place the pan on the largest ring and turn it up to maximum, then add a small knob of butter and oil very quickly ( the oil is to stop the butter from burning) then place your steak in to the pan, well season the side facing up with with salt pepper and thyme and then cook both sides for 30 seconds. Finally remove the steak from the hot pan and allow to rest for 5 minutes before you slice it very thinly into strips

Step 4 Arrange

Finally you have prepared all of your ingredients its now time to arrange them in to the canape, find a nice looking board and arrange the Yorkshire puddings first in lines, next place either 1 or 2 strips on each of the Yorkshire puddings, its important that they all look the same so don't mix and match if you have extra strips. next place a small amount of horseradish on top of the steak, lastly you need to add a very small thyme sprig on top to garnish.

Thank you for reading and watching my video, if you have any comments or queries please contact me and i will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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