Steak Gorgonzola, Spaghetti Meat Sauce Made From Scratch

Introduction: Steak Gorgonzola, Spaghetti Meat Sauce Made From Scratch

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Heavy on protein, fat and spices this flavorful dish is one of my favorites to make and eat during the holidays.

2 6oz steaks
Gorgonzola cheese

For the marinade
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of liquid smoke
1/2 tblspn balsamic vinegar
Pinch of Italian seasoning
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper

For the spaghetti sauce
5 tomatoes
1 big yellow onion
8oz mushrooms
1/2oz basil
1/2oz parsley
1 can of tomato paste (6oz)
6 cloves of garlic
1/3 cup of sugar
Pinch of thyme
1 pound ground beef
Montreal seasoning
Salt and pepper for taste

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Step 1: Make the Marinade

Mix 2 tblspn of olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of liquid smoke, 1/2 tblspn of balsamic vinegar, pinch of Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.

Step 2: Marinate Steaks

Place sauce in a bag then place steaks in bag. Make sure to mix all the sauce around so it's evenly distributed. Let sit steak on the side inside of bag.

Step 3: Prepping the Sauce

Peel 5 ripe tomatoes, core them and dice them. Place the diced tomatoes in a bowl and salt them.

Step 4: Prepping the Rest of the Sauce

Dice 1 whole onion. Chop 8oz of mushrooms. Chop 1/2oz parsley. Chop 1/2oz of basil. Mince 6 cloves of garlic. Now you're ready for the dance.

Step 5: Cook Onions

In a pot heat up a tablespoon of olive oil on medium heat. Once the oil is nice and hot (not burnt) add the diced onions and cook lightly.

Step 6: Add Ingredients

Add mushrooms, basil, parsley and garlic. Cook until mushrooms start to get soft. You don't want to overcook the mushrooms so keep an eye on it until next step.

Step 7: Add Tomato

Add your diced tomatoes and a 6oz can of tomato paste. Mix well so the paste is completely spread out. Turn heat down to low and cover.

Step 8: Cook the Ground Beef

Heat up a skillet and cook 1 pound of ground beef. Add seasoning to beef. Break up ground beef into small pieces.
On a personal note I find the mix between Montreal steak seasoning and Italian seasoning to be purely awesome for ground beef. (No product placement intended it's just what I have)

Step 9: Strain Meat and Add It to the Sauce

Strain your ground beef and add it to the sauce.

Step 10: Season Meat Sauce

Using a pinch of thyme, salt, pepper and 1/3cup of sugar season the sauce. Put the lid back on and raise heat to mid low. Cook for 15 minutes while stirring frequently. Sauce is done after 15 minutes !

Step 11: Sear Steak

Heat up a skillet with olive oil and cook your steak to your desire. Once steak is done turn heat to low and add Gorgonzola to steak and let sit while you cook noodles.

Step 12: Enjoy !

Enjoy the meal !

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