Steak Flavored Beef Jerky

Introduction: Steak Flavored Beef Jerky

3-1/2 lbs London Broil

1-12oz can Cherry Coke

1 TBSP Montreal Steak Seasoning
(Grind in a grinder or mortar)

1 TBSP Kroger Steak Seasoning (concentrate liquid)

75-100 turns on a McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder
(Using the medium-size setting. We used a lot of pepper, We are pepper lovers!)

Open Country Dehydrating machine w/8 trays. (This is what we used)

Step 1: Marinade

We asked our butcher to remove fat and meat should be sliced to the thickness of bacon slices. You can slice your London Broil to the thickness you prefer. the thicker it is the longer it will take to dehydrate.

add 1 12oz can of cherry coke
add 1 TBSP of Kroger Steak Seasoning liquid
In a mortar, grind Montreal Steak Seasoning until finely crushed. we ground up 1 TBSP of this seasoning.
add fresh cracked black peppercorn. add for flavor, we love pepper and we use a lot. roughly 75-100 turns on the pepper grinder.

Mix all ingredients well and marinate to your desired time. We marinated this meat for 24 hrs.

Step 2: Dehydrate

Place beef strips in dehydrator machine (this will use approx 8 trays) once meat is placed on trays you can add more pepper(if desired for pepper flavor) and then pat down the pepper into the meat, OTHERWISE lots of pepper flakes will fall off, once they are bagged.

Cooking time varies on the thickness of the meat and the number of trays you use. We dehydrated this meat at 165 degrees for 5 hours rotating two trays at a time from top to bottom every hour.

Step 3: ENJOY...

bag up your Jerky and store all the bags in a large Tupperware container kept in the refrigerator. I read that Jerky has a short shelf life if you do not use preservatives, so only make what you plan to eat within two weeks or share it with some friends.



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    8 Discussions

    why cherry coke?

    I haven't made jerky since my boys were small. They want to go camping so I will be making up some soon.

    My sister and I made your recipe using BOTH Worcestershire sauce and steak sauce. Our kids loved and devoured all the beef jerky within three days. Thank you for this easy to follow recipe. Cant wait to find out next time of what's in store. Thank you

    looks good. I will have to make it soon. Thank you Pegassus

    My mom and I made this recipe using teriyaki sauce and it was out of this world! Thank you

    Smart idea with the dehydrator! I made my bilton (South-africa-variety of beef jerky) in the oven @50°C with the oven-door a bit open.

    I used a bit of worchestershire-souce with my marinade... It added a good flavor.

    1 reply

    Thank you for your suggestion! I will definitely try it out next time!

    Looks great, I can't wait to give this recipe a try!