Stealth Altoids




Introduction: Stealth Altoids

As anyone who likes Altoids can tell you, carrying the tin around is about the loudest thing you can do short of wearing corduroys and flip flops... so I decided to try and silence the container.

for this you will need:
a ruler
a pen or pencil
a thin piece of cardboard (i used the back of a note pad)
some Duct tape
and an Altoids Smalls tin. (I'm sure this could be applied to a normal altoids tin but my measurements are for the smalls)

P.S. the cardboard has already been cut to size in the photo.

Step 1: Creating the Cardboard Panels

You are going to need to cut two pieces of cardboard in the following dimensions (one each)
2,5/8" x 1,1/4" -- (6.7cm x 3.2cm)
2,2/8" x 1" -- (6.0cm x 2.5cm)

Once cut , you will want to round over the corners of the larger one, I just traced the cap of a Sharpie pen and cut them, but you could use anything handy like a dime, or AAA battery (or just freehand)

Now you will want to layout a length of your Duct tape and stick the two panels to it, make sure to leave room around the edges and between the two panels. (See the First Image)

Then apply another length of tape to the the top (See second Image) and trace around the cardboard with your fingernail to help define the shapes. (also try to remove any air bubbles)

Now we are going to cut these two shapes out leaving about 1/16" (2mm) around the edges so the tape remains sealed and the Altoids dust wont get between the card board and tape. (See Third Image)

Next make 2 Tape loops sticky side out (Image Four) and Apply them to the backs of the panels (Image Five)

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Step 2: Applying the Panels and Finishing Touches

First you will want to remove the Altoids from the tin and the top of the tin from the bottom.

Next do you best to remove the thin layer of white dust from the inside of the tin so the tape will stick properly.

Now insert the two panels, the larger one goes in the bottom half, and the smaller one in the concaved section of the top. (See First Image)

Alright now this part may be a bit annoying since the tape will try to stick to itself but if you're careful it shouldn't be too much of a hassle, take a length of duct tape (I would say around 10" (25.5cm) and rip or cut a strip about 1/4in (7mm) (Image Two) off of it and slowly apply it to the inner wall of the Altoids tin (Image Three). Repeat the last step two or three times until it is nice and padded.

Now just reassemble the Tin and put the Altoids back. (Image Four)

Now obviously if you pick this up and shake it its still going to rattle, but once in your pocket you should no longer hear them.



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    22 Discussions

    Excellent idea! I use my altoids tin to carry hand-rolling tobacco in, so I don't have this problem, but awesome solution to a problem.

    1 reply

    I don't see the point, my tin is pretty quiet, but I have the paper thing in and it's still pretty full. God, you sound like a jerk (inner voice)

    1 reply

    If its not bugging you then i couldn't agree more... however mine sounded like i was smuggling maracas in my pants... hence the instructable.

    I wonder if you could do it with any other material? Don't get me wrong, duct tape does everything, but it'd be nice to have different options. This, plus the instructable about salt water etching your altoids can, is really cool.

    3 replies

    You can although for the minis you loose too much room if you use anything much thicker, for the larger tins you can use the thin craft foam you can get at most craft/sewing shops.

    I wonder if you could do it with any other material? Don't get me wrong, duct tape does everything, but it'd be nice to have different options. This, plus the instructable about salt water etching your altoids can, is really cool.

    maybe clear tape? put pics in between the cardboard and the tape?

    Oh god this would be great for me... Since the first day I showed my friends altoids my pack gets raped in a day.

    lol, i love it when i get out altoids and everyone around me is like "can I have one" and Im like "yea sure... [insert insult]"

    7 replies

    Hah! That reminds me of the beginning of 10th grade, we were all sitting on the bleachers during P.E. (We don't do anything the first few days of school.) and I got Altoids out of my backpack and some girl I didn't know and her friend said "Hey, can I get one?" I was like "...okay." Afterwards I leaned over to my friend and said "Dude. I didn't even know them. What I didn't have Altoids in there, I mean the druggies all keep their pills in Altoids containers. We should go up to them and go "Those aren't Altoids!" " Now we have this running joke; whenever I pull out an Altoids tin my friend says "Those aren't Altoids!" (Sometimes it's true because sometimes I have to use my Altoids survival kit.) Jeez... I didn't think it was possible to use the word "Altoids" so many times in a comment. o.0

    I know how you feel...i literally get raped out of any Altoids i have. =D

    Whenever I have one left and someone hears it rattle and asks for it, I say "sure" and chuck the tin at their head.

    I know lmao,whenever I'm at lunch and I want to get a altoid real quick everyones like "gimme one" "you owe me" etc...and I'm like hold on..then I give to few people,but one time they jacked the case and everyone took one and I was like (censor)!!!

    true...but now thanks to this no one can hear that I have them and beg me for to the whole F@#$ing day

    My pockets are stealthed =) good instructable though

    lol thank you. Whenever i carry tic tacks, altoids, energy mints, ect... i walk and it makes a ckucheet ckucheet! noise (in school hallways durring classes :P ) so this will defenatly be useful!

    I can't figure out how to roll the duct tape. Can you make a video? Otherwise this is really awesome. Keep up the good work!