Stealth Gutter Antenna for Ham Radio or Shortwave


Introduction: Stealth Gutter Antenna for Ham Radio or Shortwave

I have wanted to try this for a while, but never got around to it until today. I did a quick coax run to the outside gutter and grounded the braided side, then connected the feedline to an old MFJ tuner. I was surprised that the gutter tuned up at all on any bands. 10, 15 and 20 meters could be tuned to less than 2:1. 40 meters was pretty bad at about 5:1 and 80, well, forget it. I'm not sure if the connection at the roofline is solid or if I'm only getting the use of the vertical downspout. There's another issue as well - the house has aluminum siding and there are two straps that hold the gutter to the side. I'm sure that's messing with things a bit too. This was just a goofy little project to try. I'm open for all comments and suggestions. I always do little YouTube videos of this stuff too.




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    I tweaked around and re-embedded the video. Seems okay now. Thank you KD8MSS for the heads up.

    That is very strange. I just tried to embed the correct YouTube video and it did the same thing. I'll have to contact Instructables.

    Here's the YouTube Link:

    My apologies. That is strange. Let me check it out. Odd. The video used to be up here...