Steam Bot 2016

Introduction: Steam Bot 2016

Who doesn't need and extra robot costume just in case.

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Step 1: First Build Infinity Mirror Eyes

Used laser cutter at Fab Lab San Diego to cut 4 x 2 1/4 inch 2 way circle mirrors. Took RGB LED strips and used 3M double sided sticky tape . placed the LED strip down the middle then rolled the tape onto the edges of both mirrors at the same time.

Step 2:

Testing both eyes.

So the base control and parts are from also the code. Please check them out They havelots of cool stuff.

Step 3: Modify the Mask.

bought the mask at my local Party City

cut out the eye mesh and use hot glue to replace the eyes with the infinity mirrors.

Step 4:

Step 5: Make the Body

s I used a blue foam sleeping mat, cut out the tie first then used it to make a piece to cover the seam . did rough measurement with a yardstick around my shoulders and used that measurement to cut the length of the mat. then used hot glue to join the ends to make a tube, then glued the tie on to cover. After that I layed the tube on a flatened piece of foam and cut out the top glued it to top of tube then cut out arme holes. I measured down from the top edge 2 1/2 inches (top edge) down 3 inches(middle of arm hole) and another 3 inches ( bottom of arm hole). went back to the middle mark then used a 3 inch measurement in all directions to make a 6 inch hole.


primed it with black spray paint inside and out, then dry brushed with large 2 inch paint brush in 4 layers starting with red hull, copper, gold, then silver.

Tie and collar was just red hull then silver ,

added the electro-luminescent blue string on later to ty to makeit look like a vest or formal jacket.

Step 6: Other Things to Come

eventualy I will make arms and legs with LED's and more EL wire.

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    3 years ago

    Thanks doing that now.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great looking costume. If you want to make the video easier for people to view, you can upload it to a site like YouTube and then embed it in the page using the Embed Video tool in the step editor.