Steam Punk Carnival Mask


Introduction: Steam Punk Carnival Mask

Step 1:

I saw this on wish & I thought "I could make that"

Step 2: Materials

Bronze spray paint Clear coat Acrylic Clay Plastic (I used a cut up tidy cats bucket) Heat gun Tin snips Paintbrush (sorry no pic) (Optional) leather strap

Step 3: Mask Base

First cut the sheet of plastic to the shape of a mask. Then heat it to the basic shape of your face.

Step 4: Add Clay

It's pretty much as the name says... Add clay as the image shows

Step 5: Paint

Add bronze paint. Let dry an hour. Do another layer. Let dry. Clear coat. Let dry. Add acrylic.

Step 6:

If your using it as a mask add a strap. Sorry it could be a lot better, but I broke it :(... You guys could do a lot better :D! Thanks for looking :) Have a good one! :D :3



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    10 Discussions

    Awesome sculpt!

    No problem, thanks for the feedback

    Hey mate thank you SO MUCH I've been looking not particularly for this but a half mask super helpful thank you

    Lol, thanks

    Wow! I LOVE the pic on step 4 because it shows how detailed it is. Good going! (I wish my nose looked that straight!)

    Thanks, & this is the 2nd thing I've ever sculpted. & that's a lot of Deadmou5 heads lol, & alot if work

    Wow...ya know, this, is what instructables is about...using what you have, to make something you want, and acomplishing it...AWeSOme!!! You have a natural gift for sculpture...or maybe it is lots of do I know?! It's awesome! I made 5 Deadmau5 heads for my son and his friends for halloween one year, the year before that an actual mini,version of soundwave. Before capri sun drinks changed their boxes to a more eco friendly blx, their drink boxes were so perfect for any kind of arm or shin area...used what I had...maybe someday I'll put an instructable together. I was up 24 hours getting the deadmau5 heads perfect...I'm getting too old for that!

    Thanks for the compliments & encouragement. I also checked out ur instructable, but I tend to stray away from paper mâché, thanks anyway I hope u win.

    1 reply

    It's not you typical paper mache :) Another thought would be an oven bake clay, something that will give you that give you need. You sculpt very well and this is plain cool so I'd love to see ya have one that lasts. :)

    Looks pretty good! Check out my instructable on making a mask of any shape, I think if you use the materials I show there you won't have one that breaks easily. :) Your over all shape of the form looks wonderful!!  Seriously a very wonderful sculpture, you should be proud! Paper clay is awesome, but as you found out when it dries it can be brittle. With a mask you need something with a little give. :)  Don't give up, we all learn from our mistakes, believe me!  What's great is we keep on creating and making.  Never think you need to apologize for what you made, you have learned from this experience and will move forward with that knowledge and continue to create fantastic pieces of art.  Again, great job, don't be so hard on yourself.