Steam Punk Lamp on 3040 CNC

Introduction: Steam Punk Lamp on 3040 CNC

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Some time ago I have seen a really nice retro/steampunk lamp on Pinterest (second image) and decided I will make me one similar to that. I will use thin softwood planks to carve the box (made out of top and bottom piece and as many middle layers as you'd like) on my new Chinese 3040 CNC router I just got from for about £350 ($450?). The layers will be connected by an M5 bolts with wing nuts on the top to add some industrial looks to it :) ... I have used three layers only, bottom, middle and the top case but obviously you can use as many middle bits as you like.

For the light bulb I have used an Edison type lightbulb which has a beautiful soft light.

The cable is an art-deco, 3-core like this one: Vintage-Style-Electrical-Textile-Cord

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Step 1: Make Your Casing on a CNC Router

I have used 14.5mm thick softwood plank and Chinese 3040 CNC router from ebay. As a control program I have bought me a Mach 3 software.

The files were designed in Trimble SketchUp Make (formerly Google SketchUp) using SketchUCam plugin to generate the gcode

The CNC gcode files and SketchUp files are attached to this step.

Milling wood 1, YouTube video

If you leave the machine unattended (I wouldn't recommend that) at least put a webcam on so you can check from time to time how it goes and if your workshop is not on fire :)

Step 2: Assembly

The box is now carving so once done (next weekend) I will guide you through the electrical and mechanical assembly!

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    Reply 4 years ago

    well, if you refer to the assembled image, I posted it only as an inspiration :) ... I will be posting the assembled new version soonish ... :)