Steam Punk Lanterns

Introduction: Steam Punk Lanterns

Make a sweet steampunk styled lantern, anything can be turned into a creative project. I took these items I found today and made a sweet steampunk styled lantern. Yours will look different depending on your found piece. Tools- screwdriver set A good super glue Materials- cord kit Unique item

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Step 1: Candle Lantern, Electrical Cord Kit

This step is mental deconstruction, plan how you are going to disassemble the lantern and introduce the lighting aspect.

Step 2: The Deconstruction Phase

Since your lantern may be different your deconstruction phase may be different. Always use the proper tools.

Step 3: Now Time to Electrify This Lantern

Unscrew large washer thingy off. insert cord into unscrewed top. hot glue it in place

Step 4: Light It Up

You can spray paint the electrical cord, or add chains. These are still in the design phase and much more will be added as time goes buy <-----------fore shadowing :p

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    Why thank you !! They are still not complete