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About: I'm a Mechancial/Aerospace Engineer that likes to tinker in my spare time. I make my own Christmas Cards.

This is a letter I posted to my brother, Dan a few years back. Really it was an excuse to try out my new calligraphy set...and to buy a calligraphy set...

I hope you enjoy the humor, and let me know if you locate my preserved body in Vermont.

I used plain newsprint for this and a standard fountain pen.




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    There is a font similar to this one... I used a handwriting-looking font to print out a copy of an alchemy book that was written 2 centuries ago. I then bound it into a book. How ever, the fact that all this is handwritten in calligraphy is impressive!

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    It was. I also accessed old woodcuts from one of my print programs and literally glued, using a paper hinge, all the pages together one page at a time.I then glued stiff cardboard to the back and front and used decorator paper to cover the back and front. Then I made a quartz crystal pendant to go with it.
    Also, for the record, the "Philosophers Stone" of the alchemists was actually a liquid! And the fact that they were using liguid mercury was the main reason so many of them died suddenly.

    That would be a great project to post, if you have some good pictures.

    Good info, too and kudos on snagging a nice screen name. Zaphod was commenting on one of my projects back in April...

    I believe i have an extra set of printed pages... That would make a great instructable to post. I got the book from a DVD Titled "Bookshop Classics" made by a company called "Simply Media"

    I look forward to seeing it! I bound a small book many years ago in grade school, but it was fairly crude since I made it up on my own.

    It sure is! I print because my handwriting is terrible... Your calligraphy is something I'd be very hard to do.

    But then you would loose the joy of writing it!
    I think the script was based off of a guide I had found, so there might be a close font to it. I don't know much about making font files, so I can't be much help.