Steam Train Stove

Introduction: Steam Train Stove

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In this Instructable you will be making a Steam Train Cooker from recycled cans and metal wire.

You will need:

- four small cans,

- one big cans,

- pipe,

- hacksaw,

- old table leg or a small can,

- 0.9 mm and 2 mm metal wire,

- pliers,

- thick nail,

- scissors,

- and hammer.

Warning: Before you start make sure you squash the sharp ends of the cans with pliers to prevent cuts. You will see the outcome in step 3 photos.

Step 1: Punch Two Hole Pairs in Each Can

The small cans will be used for the steam train wheels or legs.

Use the hammer and thick nail to punch holes for insertion of 0.9 mm metal wire as shown in the photo.

Step 2: Punch Holes in the Big Can As Shown

Use hammer and nail to punch four holes to attach the wheels with metal wire to big can.

Step 3: Attach Front Wheels

Use 0.9 mm metal wire to attach front wheels as shown.

Then spin the wheels to twist the wire as shown in the last photo.

The wheels might spin. However, you might want to secure the wheels with more metal wire to prevent the spinning. We all know that the metal wire will break when you bend it many times.

Step 4: Punch Holes for Chimney

Use nail to punch three small holes.

The first two at the back will be used to attach the cabin with metal wire. The third one in front will be used to insert the metal pipe.

Use scissors to slightly widen the hole for metal pipe as shown. Warning: do it very slowly! Scissors could be very dangerous. The holes does not have to fit pipe. You can widen the hole to appropriate length later by hammering in the pipe as you will see in the coming steps.

Step 5: Cut the Long Pipe

Use the hack saw to cut the metal pipe.

The length of the chimney should be 20 cm.

Step 6: Hammer in the Chimney

Hammer in the chimney to widen the hole and then remove it.

Step 7: Insert the Chimney

Wind the metal wire around the pipe to prevent it from falling inside the can.

Also, make three thin legs as shown in the second photo to prevent the pipe from moving from side to side.

Step 8: Cut the Metal Table Leg Piece

Use hack saw to cut the metal table leg.

You can also use a small can and make holes in the can with a nail.

Step 9: Attach the Cabin

Use metal wire to attach the cabin. There is no wrong way to do if your cabin appears secure.You just need to make many turns of wire.Note that I used a 2 mm metal wire in this step.

In this step I really but myself badly. Please be careful.

You are now done.

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