Steam Punk Nightlight

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I always wanted to make this cool looking steam punk lamps and I've recently managed to make one. Here is my guide for you of how to make this cool looking nightlight. I will also show you how to get most of the parts for free :}

Step 1: Gather Material

You will need:

- A piece of wood. (I found mine near my house but you can these for free from miniseries).

- Cool looking bulb (I found mine in my street, you could probably get those for free from electricity shops dumps, or buy one here).

- A Led Table decor or a party led necklace (the ones that doesn't flash). Its electrical circle should be smaller than the wooden piece.

- We might need wires. (taken from an old cable).

- Sand paper.

- Varnish or color.

- Glue.


- Solder and soldering iron.

- A drill.

- A file.

- Pliers.

-Twitter might be handy.

- A saw.

- A pocket knife.

- Safety goggles and nose and mouth cover are recommended.

Step 2: Sawing

in the first photo you can see the basic design of the final product. It is very simple.

Our first step will be sawing the two top edges of our wooden piece (this is not a must and done only in order to make the final lamp look better), also make sure that there is a place for the lamp and the electrical circle.

Next, clean the edges and give them a rounded shape using a file.

** Be safe during the process, wear goggles and don't breath the dust of the wood.

Step 3: Making the Place for the Electronics

Decide which side is going to be your bottom. Open your LED decor and take out the electrical circle, then mark its size on the bottom of your wood. (Using a built LED decor is very comfortable because it already has a led a switch and a battery place). Now using a drill, carefully dig a hole to fit the electrical circle, I didn't have a proper tool to do so and my solution was drilling many holes and then cleaning and expanding using the sanding head of the drill.

Step 4: Bulb Adjustment

Using pliers carefully disconnect the bulb from its base, it is very important not to break the bulb cause it's full of toxic gas. Next remove the legs.

Step 5: Drilling

Mark the size of the bulb bottom and drill a hole through to the electrical circle place.

Step 6: Sanding and Coat

Clean and sand the wood than coat with some color or varnish, another method can be used is a superglue coat as used in veneer rings, pour a drop on the surface and rub using toilet paper, leave to dry then repeating.

Step 7: Installing Electronics

Glue the electrical circle in its hole sticking with the LED sticking out, insert to the bulb base and glue it too in its hole. put he bulb back in its place and gluing it too, be careful not to break the LED like I did and had to change the LED.

Step 8: That's It

That's it for this project enjoy your new nightlight.

Hope you enjoyed this one Let me know if you did in the comments.

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