SteamPunk PI3

Introduction: SteamPunk PI3

I have bought a pretty cool little screen at PIMORONI and at last it makes possible to see detailed videos and images on a tiny device. So i decided to put it in a steam punk box. 'Don't know why but I am addicted to Steam punk style!

Step 1: This Is My Third Steampunk Raspberry Pi Project.

For this one I have used a PI3 and a PIMORONI HyperPixel 3.5" Hi-Res Display along with softwares :

- Raspbian JESSIE

- KODI Krypton v7.3

- KERBEROS surveillance camera

- Pico2wave and SOX speech synthesis

I have assembled all this stuff and put it in a small wood box I have decorated with some metal pieces cutted with my Dremel.The Pi camera has been inserted behind an old camera lens so to simulate an old 19th century system. All this has been inserted on a pretty lamp base.

The external amplifier has been elaborated from used TV set amplifier circuit and put in an old cigars box with a cutted trumpet on top and the switch is a very old cigarette lighter part.

Step 2: Magnifying Glass

In order to obtain a better image from the PI screen I have put a magnifying glass in front of it. I like these old magnifiers because it makes me think to Jules Verne or Nadar. The golden age of steam and copper devices …

Step 3: This Little Gem Can Do a Lot of Things

Yes, but it is essentially focused on accessing to streaming media content, including videos and music, and it offers a way to store and watch that content around my home through using the KODI interface, the WiFi and 2 USB keyx which are full of videos and music. With KODI and thanks to the PI3 integrated WiFi chip I can access my videos in my YOUTUBE and DAILY MOTION accounts. Great! I use also the KODI remote app on my Iphone.
I can also access to the video stream generated by the Kerberos software and server through using other devices pointing on the PI URL on my WiFi internal network, such as my PC, my tablet or my mobile phone.

Tanks to a little script I made and put in the rc.local file of the Pi I can also send text through using PUTTY on my PC or TERMIUS on my Iphone in order to make the PI speak it fluently. I have also added a script so it tells me the time vocally all 10 minutes.

But it doesnt make coffee yet! (under review ...)

Captain Nemo would have found this stuff very interesting!

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    If you are interested in I have added to this little thing the ability to speak and give me the time every quarter. You'll find my Speaking Clock scripts and explanations over there :

    And last but not least I made it possible for the Pi to take a line in the manner of our Politicians. You'll find my scripts and explanation here:

    Unfortunately I have not taken the time to translate these software imaginings into English. But the BASH or PYTHON scripts are clear enough.