SteamPunk Pocket Watch

Introduction: SteamPunk Pocket Watch

Steam Punk pocket watch I made out of spare parts hope you like it please rate if you do,its the first steam punk piece I`ve ever made thanks for viewing.I am aware that pocket watches are already steam punk but i thought this would be and interesting piece with the gears and copper exposed.



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    That is absolutely awesome! I bought cheap non-functioning steampunk looking stuff for Halloween and ended up being sick anyway, but I am intrigued and want to delve more into this sub-genre of SciFi. Great job!! I already sew, so I can have a fun time with costume creation, but it's the accessories I am lost on. I have already found a bunch of cool ideas on this site. I want to make a functioning pocket watch for myself. This is great :)

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    the great thing about steampunk is your only limited by what you can imagine I would love to see your watch when its done :)

    Steampunk is a really interesting concept. The idea is, if you have a steampunk it seems to be set in the past. they seem to use horses, and dress very mid evil. However all of their technology is very advances. they have robots and blimps and things we down have in the modern world. but even though their technology is to updated, they use a lot of bronze and over complicated systems of going around things. For example, in the modern world we can have a watch that is very small and takes up little room on your wrist, where a steampunk watch would take up half your arm and do the same amount of things. if you'd like you can google "Steampunk" and you will see what I mean. Hope you found this helpful. :)

    Typename isn't far off, I'd like to help fill in the gaps. 

    There is some vague and unofficial agreement that Steampunk is an anachronistic line of science fiction based roughly around the Victorian Age, or otherwise earlier than the advent of the computer. It's thematic elements hinge on utilizing "ancient" technologies in very sophisticated ways, I.E. a computer using pure steam power and components. Boiler, pistons, reservoir and various governors and whatnot. Flying ships, mechanical/pneumatic/steam powered assault weaponry, non-electronic cybernetics and animal/human grafting are also popular. See Levian, a book by Scott Westerfeld.

    As an art form, Steampunk generally emphasizes the functional workings of a machine as the aesthetic component, unlike today where we try to hide the working bits away under a hood or in a sleek, stylized case. It's like the battle of form vs. function, in Steampunk, the Function is the beauty, like a Skeleton pocket watch, as opposed to a LEVIS brand digital pocket watch, which devout Steampunkers would call abominable.

    I hope this agrees with any Steampunkers reading this.

    Ah! Yes, good catch. The Instructables Robot doesn't allow for corrections or editing. Thanks!

    Watch the movie 'The Golden Compass' and look how everything looks old school yet more advanced

    Steampunk is the category of fantasy/science fiction where the past basically meets the future eg. advanced technology in the Victorian age(which is the most common).  A good example is the movie The Wild Wild West in which is instilled a wild west time period with lots of trains and horses and cowboys and such, but also high-tech booby traps and weapons, although it seems that most steampunk is more focused in books and art/modded objects.

    Steampunk is not to be confused with diesilpunk, in which the petroleum happened in earlier in time (such as in the movie 9).  This brings me to my final and concluding point, that Tim Burton is awesome.

    Is if functional?
    Did you use watch parts, or did you make it from random gears, pieces of metal, and other random stuff?
    It looks really cool, btw.

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    the watch itself is functional the gears are there for looks it does keep time but its mostly a decorative piece thanks for the comment

    sugestion for the cover, if you can attach a copper or brass tube slightly larger than the watch face (with cut outs for the other random pieces you have in there) i would sugest a glass magnafying lens. but that aside very nice work. simple, elegant

    Do you have an instructible on how to make
    i really really want one