SteamPunked USB LED Desklight With Clock




About: I just like to make stuff.

Inspired by other members.
Made from VCR Parts and super brite LED's .
And now this is finished with new switch 



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    5 years ago

    Opps I meant to ask about what is surrounding the light source the "tube" and what is the white thing inside the tube? I am doing my best to make a light similar to yours and I have never seen such a awesome implication of lighting in a desk lamp before. One more question do you have the LEDs facing each other on opposite sides. Or are they just next to each other?


    5 years ago

    Wow all i can say is WOW. This is amazing. What did you use for the light source? It looks so interesting and I can't figure out what it is...

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you DrHoule
    It pleases me to know that like my desk light. The light source is 2 super bright clear LED's out of a 1.00 store LED flashlight.

    Hello Jackslack!
    Thank you I am pleased you like it, Alas I did not do a step by step for this project. However it is fairly simple to make if you have the parts needed. I would be happy to assist anyone wanting to make this.


    5 years ago

    Hey this is amazing!! How did you make this? Is there a link? Or instructions?

    Winged Fist

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love this clock/lamp! It's got a great look to it... But I certainly wouldn't take it on a plane;-) Just one thing... I did find myself wanting to reach through my computer screen, and add one of my Steampunk USB cables!;-)

    Nicely done... I love stepper motors... they have a beautiful design usually of the coils... anyways I was wanting to point out (before the arguments start) that from a purist's point of view this isn't what they would consider steampunk .... rather it's more Teslapunk (or even Edisonpunk *shudder*) in that it uses electricity instead of steam... or at least looks like it runs on steam.... Personally I have my own blend of what I consider "steampunk" which is a blend of electricity, clockwork, steam, and magical/ alchemical energy sources and contraptions... all while looking as if it could easily fit into the 1800's to early 1990's.....

    Anyways love the overall design though I would change your power switch into either a rotary type switch, a pull chain type, or for a more mad scientist look a scary looking knife switch (low voltage controls relay to control higher voltage if need be)

    (To make a decent rotary knob Horatius.Steam has a nice idea...

    I tend to like either the pull-type switches (think ceiling fan switch) or a knife/wiper type switch... though if I were needing a pulsed signal (like in majority of modern electronics) I would probably use a standard momentary switch capped with a button or something along those lines... though if it was to be displayed (or used often/repeatedly) I might lean towards a telegraph (styled) key....

    Anyways I do apologize for the rather lengthy comment... but hopefully out of my long-winded comment you got some ideas..... I know you your project gave me some ideas!

    Happy Making!

    ~DJ Electfire~
    (amongst many names)

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    Nicely done! The new switch looks better! Oh and I found a instructable on how to make your own knife type switches... I thought I would share with you.... (From author Random_Canadian)
    His is pretty big, though it is easily scalable!

    Anyways, happy making... and (tis' the season)


    Thank you I am glad you liked it. and yes I do agree it is not steampunk but steampunk inspired I saw some very neat things that are steam punk and it went from there. and again I agree it does need a better switch... unfortunately its what I had at the time laying around but never fear grashopper is here and I am currently building a new switch possibly new base as well and will post new photo's soon as possible.

    I enjoyed your comment and suggestions and you did give me a few idea's for the switch :)

    more stuff comming soon!!