Steamed Cheeseburger Recipe




Introduction: Steamed Cheeseburger Recipe

In this instructable I am going to show you how to make delicious home made steamed cheeseburgers. With very little effort you will have amazing burgers that are ridiculously juicy and explode with flavor when you bite into them. Please beware this will change the way you make burgers from now on and may never go back to your old ways of making burgers. This method was discovered by Ted's in CT and has been shown and become famous on dozens of cooking/food shows.


Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Each burger requires 2 ramekin dishes, I order these from Amazon (4 pack $7.20). You will also need to get a vegetable steamer, I am using a Hamilton Beach Two-Tier Food Steamer. You will also need the following:

1. Ground Beef, Round, or Sirloin. 1/4-1/3 Lb per burger (uncooked)

2. 1 Block of Cheese (Any Flavor)

3. Seasoning ( I used Lawry's Seasoned Salt & Seasoned Pepper, plus added a little SBR BBQ sauce.

Step 2: Prepare Your Burgers

At this point you will want to season your ground beef and also mix in any BBQ, Worcestershire, etc sauce into the meat now as well. Once the meat is seasoned and mixed around go ahead and divide the meat up accordingly (1/4-1/3 Lb per burger) and stuff each burger into the ramekin dish as shown.

Now slice up a couple thick pieces of cheese and place into the remaining ramekin dishes as shown. Once this step is done you may go ahead and place them into the steamer.

Note: I do not steam the cheese for over 10 minutes, cook accordingly as it may be added later on in the cooking process. When cooking 4 burgers, I keep the cheese in the second tier and stack it on during the last 10 minutes of cooking.

Step 3: Time to Steam

Once the burgers are ready to be steamed (assuming the other steps are complete) go ahead and place them into the steamer as shown. If you are cooking 4 burgers and have the same steamer I do you can add 4 more ramekin dishes (4 burgers on bottom, 4 cheese on top) to the second tier of the steamer (not shown).

The burgers take approximately 10-15 minutes (2 burgers) 15-20 minutes (4 burgers) but always set it a few extra minutes to allow it to warm up. After the time has passed it is time to pull the burgers out from the ramekin dishes and then scoop the cheese from the other ramekin dishes and pour it onto the burger patties (shown next).

Prepare your buns with condiments and it is time to enjoy!

Step 4: Enjoy!

As you can see, you will want to prepare your buns first, place the hot burger down and pour the melted cheese all over the top. It is now time to enjoy one of the best burgers you will ever have!

If you have extra cheese or access to a deep fryer, you can also make some animal style fries like In-N-Out (grilled onions not shown).



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    12 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing the steamer link as well as the ramekin link. I bought both and can't wait to try it!

    I grew up in Albany and we used to called them Steamed Hams. Even though we called them steamed, they were really grilled. It is a regional dialect I guess. One word of warning though, I found that every time I would make this old family recipe, Aurora Borealis could be seen in my kitchen.

    This is awesome. I grew up in Meriden eating teds! I live in maine now and miss those burgers. Thanks for the great instructable!

    1 reply

    Your welcome, hope you enjoyed them!

    Where does all the grease and water go? I made burgers last night - before reading your ible - and now the pan is soaking in the sink, it's a bit of a mess to clean. I used ground chuck from a butcher I did not know and won't be buying from there again. But aside from that nonsense, what kind of waste does the steaming produce?

    4 replies

    Hi Ninzerbean,

    When using the ramekin dishes, the grease from each burger will be left inside the dish when you take the burger out. This is usually pretty easy to clean up. As for the water, my steamer has a compartment underneath that holds the water and also allows excess steam to drain and recycle after it condensates. I just drain the reservoir when I am done and the water is always still clean and clear.

    Great, I have leftover meat and I am going to make burgers for my neighbors your way tonight. I will let you know how it works in a regular steamer that sits above boiling water.

    Hi Ninzerbean,

    Take a look at this recipe below;

    They are using the same method you are talking about and seems to work pretty good.

    Thank you, I looked and I did make them last night. They were great, I brushed them with Gravy Master which is just a carmel color thing before cooking them so they looked really good. My guests liked them very much. I used a bamboo steamer. Very easy, no ramekins.

    I've been cooking burgers for a long time. Never heard of steaming them. Sounds interesting tho. I'm down.

    Hey I was wondering what type of steamer thingy you use lol

    1 reply

    Hey Jacobs,

    I am using a Hamilton Beach 2 tier food steamer, I will include a link below.

    I have also heard of people using Dutch ovens with a wire rack on the bottom but unsure how good that will work.