Steamed Rainbow Semolina Bites




Introduction: Steamed Rainbow Semolina Bites

-Using semolina,chickpea flour and youghurt we make this steamed semolina bites which havea very unique taste and is healthy breakfast.

-I will show you 2 methods by steaming and other is in microwave.

-These when prepared in colors kids will surely love it.


-1 and half cup semolina

-1/4 cup chickpea flour

-3/4 cup yoghurt

-Baking soda

-Diffrent food colors



-greenchilli paste


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Step 1: Preparing Batter

-Take a bowl and add one and half cup semolina,1/4cup chick pea flour,3/4 cup yoghurt, little oil and salt

-Give a mix and ferment for 3 hours.

Step 2: Prepare Food Colors

-I boiled carrot,spinach and made puree with it for orange and green color.

-Turmeric for yellow and beet root extracted water for dark pink.

-I added little tomato puree for carrot puree to form bright orange.

Step 3: Adding Purees to Batter

-Take 5 bowls and divide the batter in to 4 portions.

-Add each colored purees to diffrent bowls and mix.To 5th bowl i used plain white batter with no color.

Step 4: Adding Spices

-Add Ginger paste to all bowls.

-To carrot puree bowl add paprika.

-To spinach puree bowl add green chilli paste.

-If needed water if batter is too thick add in all bowls

-Finally add baking soda about 1/2tsp together in all bowls and give amix.

Step 5: Steaming:

-I used idli molds for steaming .you can use electric idli molds or pressure cooker idli molds for steaming.

-I applied oil to all moulds and poured the diffrent colored batters in diffrent moulds and also prepared rainbow mould by adding all colors.

-steam for 15 minutes and serve hot

Step 6: Microwave Method

-you can call this as cup cake method.I used silicone muffin tray.

-Grease little oil in muffin cups and arrange in layers all colors to form rainbow muffin.microwave for just 2 minute

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