Steamer Trunk to Coffee Table





Introduction: Steamer Trunk to Coffee Table

Convert a 1930's steamer trunk to a coffee table

Step 1: Remove Damage Covering

Strip the old damaged covering to reveal woodworm.

Step 2: Re-build From Scratch

Rebuild the external frame to the original dimensions from scratch, in 7mm plywood. Then cover in .9 mm aluminium sheet. Drilled and riveted directly into the ply.

Step 3: Finish Off

Add the original hinges and other hardware and polish. Requires a final polish. Before I started this "restoration" I had no tools now I have heaps! Tin snips, drills, angle grinder, Jigsaw, hand saw, rivet gun, polisher etc.



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    We have an old steamer trunk turned coffee table, too. Just added legs. Lol. I like your modern take on an antique, though. looks great.

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    Hey. They're just standard painted wooden coffee table legs, and hardware. Very simple. :-)


    That's a nice looking Trunk!. Mine had woodworm so it needed to be re-built from scratch.