Steampod Ipod Touch 3G Finally Instructabled

Introduction: Steampod Ipod Touch 3G Finally Instructabled

My first steampunk project. This started when I couldnt find a single image online of anything other than the brass nano..I will gladly answer questions or provide more info as I have time...

The watch is an auto wind so movemnt of the ipod causes the watch to stay active...  Excited to see what people think.

Also here is a link to the full pictures at differnt stages.

Okay I started with the dimensions of the device from Apple it was some what different to start working in mm's after I got used to it wasn't so bad.

Step 1(Makers Need to Think first). 
After I had the exact dimensions of the device I started with paper drawings and some thought of what steam punk meant to me. This was summed up with the idea of wood+brass+life as I felt everything about a steampunk device must look like it actually works or has an actual function other wise it was just eye candy and detracted from the coolness of the device. So in the first image you see the brass tubes have acrylic tubes that I filled with glow paint and then inserted into cut brass tubes and the watch was an autowind so it was always active. once I finished my thoughts I cut some patterns from my paper drawings. (my drawings were made to the exact specs that apple provided from their site) However they only pattern I really used was the exact dimensions of the screen itself this being the absolute most important as this is where the Project starts. 

Step 2. (Makers need parts)
1.A hunk of wood (found at dumpster at my at the time apartment from a remodel of another apt. (free)
2. piece 12" brass tube from ebay ($10 or so)
3. Brass corners local hardware ($6.00)
4. 10' acrylic tube ebay ($15 bucks or so)
5. brass pipe capes local home depot ($2-3 for all 4)
6. lighted dash push button local napa ($6.00)
7. automovement Pocket watch ebay ($30 wife couldn't believe I would by a watch and Hack the heck out it lmao)
8. 4 stainless hex airplane bolts local home depot ($2-3)
9 Misc screws and brass picture frame nails laying around the house (free)
10. tools used Dremel, Pocket kniife, sand paper screw drivers, tube cutter(cheap at any hardware store worked for both brass and acrylic) Screw Drivers and a 6" coping saw. I can hear a questions now that I will talk about next section. and yes that really is it. 

Step 3. First I cut the length of my hunk of free wood to what I wanted it to be with the hand saw. then gave to a the apartment handyman who took it home and cut a 1/4" off for the lid on his bandsaw for me.

Step 4. Now taped my screen opening Pattern to the front of the hunk of wood and and went around the edges with and exacto knife cutting as deep into the wood as I could with out moving the pattern until it was mapped to the wood then removed the pattern. Now I drilled with dremel 4 holes well inside the 4 corners and used the coping saw to cut the center out being very careful to always stay inside the lines. I used the piece removed to make the holder for the watch. I also finished the lid with the dremel to round the edges in and fine adjust the opening to e perfect. 

Step 5. now I had the lid and bottom.  I mapped out the exact outside dimensions of the ipod to the bottom piece of wood and then dug this out much like a canoe with a dremel and a pocket knife starting with the pocket knife and always being super careful to stay inside the lines. I dug and sanded and dremeled very slowley untill the Ipod sat inside exactly flush with the top of the wood. (note you will need to knotch for the volume and power switch on your mapping to the wood for this to happen)

Step 6. Now I matched the lid to it making sure that it didn't touch the pod to tightly when together. when satisfied that it didn't I proceeded to the next step. 

Step 7.  Ports this I mea sured out and shaped in the bottom half with a dremel and sanding barrel due to positioning the topside will have to be done for the power switch only the docking port and wifi ports did not require that. and the main case is done. 

Step 8. now i removed the watch lid and the hinge that held it to the watch and cut my center piece and dug it out to form the watch plate and screwed it to the back of the wood then sanded the ends of the screws off on the inside of the case as they did come through slightly and I didn't  want contact with the pod. I could have started with 1/8" thicker piece of wood in hind site but hey free is free. I took appart the watch and removed the number dial and painted the glass with glow paint and reassembled. (so glow paint would show through) Then glued  the watch into its plate. 

Step 9. Power cells. I cut  2 pieces  3"1/4  brass pieces from my brass tubbing and used a dremel with barrel sanders to make the openings had know idea how to do it but was happy with my results. Gets hot wear gloves and take breaks lmao. I also cut to 1/4" high pieces of the brass and barrel sanded to make the the mounts for the power cells to raise from the wood slightly so the caps would fit snug with out needing solder or glue. Then I drilled through my brass windows and screwed them to the case with 1/4" pieces in between and again sanded off any poke threw to the inside of the case. 

Step 10 ( almost done and Cant wait.) 
Now i cut 2 3' pieces of acrylic tube and worked glow paint into the centers and let dry. the glow paint did not mesh well with the acrylic and as it dried caused some cool air bubbles but would have tried something different had I known. I then inserted into the brass tubes and slipped the caps on.

Step 11.  now I taped the lid to the case and drilled the front the 4 corners for the airplane hex bolts.  got the shortest ones i could get and painted the inner of the hex with glow paint I used a slightly smaller drill bit than the bolts so that the threads would grip and be tight and I coated the bolts with bees wax before putting them is to allow smooth tightening with out any wood splits.  

Step 12.  inserted ipod and bolted face down after testing and bamo steampunked Ipod. 

Missing Notes: 

Before the watch is glued down and the power cells attached I stained the wood and fine sanded and steel wooled. 
Brass coners are nailed on with brass braids before the power cells attatched. the one near the dock port requires a bit of trimming. 
Lastly a piece of thin satin was used from wifes shirt to line the seat for the pod. 

Hope this helps sorry took so long but still using this device today in its case let me know if I forgot anything or I can answer any additonal questions. 

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    Yeah that would be awesome for sure, I mean it would be a ton easier to make if there wer instructions. :)