Steampunk Bathroom Cabinet




Introduction: Steampunk Bathroom Cabinet

My Steampunk themed room needed a Steampunk themed bathroom. Every bathroom needs space for storage and I found a fantastic way to create storage in a stylish way.

This is an old RUDD instantaneous water heater, that was going to be scrapped. What was seen as junk by my friend, was seen as the perfect object for my bathroom! As you can see from the first two pictures, this was horribly rusted. Step one was to take it all apart, and sandblast it.

My constant sidekick, Buck Naked, was there while I primed the pieces for paint with Rust-Oleum gray primer.

The upper section was sent out for copper lining to be installed. Dan the Metal Man (not his real last name) did a fantastic job on this! Spray painted with Rust-Oleum flat black and I was almost done.

The pipes were brought back to life with a wire brush, steel wool, Brasso and lots of scrubbing.

Due to its awkward shape, and excessive weight when together, this piece needed to be reassemble in its permanent spot in the bathroom.

Fully reassembled, this piece now holds the bathroom towels and toiletries in a very cool way and is the perfect choice for the Steampunk Bathroom!



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    13 Discussions

    YIKES! I missed a typo in the text! It is a RUUD water heater! I'm so sorry (and embarrassed!)

    looks awesome, wish I had one!!! Bet it is heavy though...

    1 reply

    Thanks so very much! It is REALLY HEAVY and I hope I never have to move it again!

    What a beauty!! Great job and what a gorgeous bathroom you have.

    1 reply

    I appreciate your compliments so much. Thank you!