Steampunk CFLED (Close Focus Light Emiting Drill) Aka the SLB (Steampunk Light Blaster)




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Its a steampunk styled laser..
I call it a "drill" mainly because
1) I don't like guns.
2) the laser I used in it is a 250mw red -
which people often use for burning,etching,etc...

Though I do admit that after adding the handle it does look like a blaster!

The Backstory:

The CFLED works by the reaction between conductive Dysprosine (vaporized by the electric current) with crystallized Catanite, which results in a bright red light being produced - this reaction is quite violent (which is why the CFLED burst into flames the first time I tested it) - To keep this reaction contained the M.F.F.G (Magnetic Flux Field Generator) was added.

The bright red light that is produced by the reaction is so closely focused through the optics that it can drill through the Æther. This is useful for testing potential materials for trans-dimensional travel. The CFLED can also be used for hunting trans-dimensional creatures (like the famed dragons) that travel through the Æther.

That is the Æther?

Well, Æther is a naturally occurring energy-matter... in a plasma state, that flows across the Universes. (Incl. Parallel ones) It basically acts like a insulator between the various Planes (of reality).... while it's an insulator or cushion, it does allow electromagnetic waves to pass through, and with the help of various devices we can use it to send information instantaneously across various dimensions and space... Sometimes this network is referred to as the Æthersphere,Æthernet, or as I call it the Ætherweb.

The Æther also allows not only instantaneous communications, but with developing technology and the help of tools,clothing and weapons made specially for travel by Æther, we can travel instantaneously using this method.... It is also purported that one can transverse time in a similar manner, though at this point in our timeline, such devices don't currently exist or are closely guarded.

PHOTOS and NOTES are best viewed in the SLIDESHOW MODE.

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    LOL When I first read the (shortened) title I thought you were going to be burning stuff with a magnifying glass. I am glad to see you are more creative than that. I love steampunk, and especially the crazy backstories you guys come up with for your gadgets. Carry On!!

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    Ey! Thanks!
    Though I must say I am envious of those people who get their hands on those big Fresnel lenses from rear projection TVs... you can melt steel with those if focus right!

    Steampunk is one of my favorite fields/genres as it allows one such range of ideas and materials... and it's also great because one can re-use stuff that otherwise would have been thrown away. There is so much you can do in the genre, from music, art, props,literature, to even clothing! I think that is what makes it so appealing to so many other makers, being able to use our wide skill sets to make something unique.

    Anyways thanks for the comment!
    It's still a Project in Progress (PIP)... I generally never finalize a project, as there is usually something that could be added or changed.

    Love your wood projects on Etsy... you ought to post an 'ible on how to select and work with specialized woods...

    Thank you,

    Thanks for your compliments and for checking out my page on Etsy. I am working on a couple of 'ibles now but that is a really good idea for another one. I am working against rain and a looming deadline to build a small boat for the Plan-it Challenge. Hope I make it.

    I am going to edit this 'ible with the newer pictures... Uploading the newer photographs right now... These are of the (still in progress) power supply... and also includes pictures of the ESCs... I will also label the pictures with bunches of info boxes!

    I have been working on a better power supply for this... though progress on it has been slow due to work being busy around the holidays.... A few improvements... the ESCs are now a lot smaller - though at the consequence of them not actually being the power source anymore. Also the power supply has a built-in light that can be used for lighting the way (It was originally going to be entered in a contest on the brassgoggles forum, but I didn't make the deadline...)...
    I still have to finish some decorative finishing on the wood case, but for the most part it's done....


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think it would be neat if you had a manual focus fir the laser so that you COULD burn things if you wanted......or pop small children's baloons....


    8 years ago on Introduction

    The design of the gun is sounds and It has nice concepts. I work on steampunk props (weapons and clothes (W.I.P. clothes)) and I have some sound advice that I think you should follow when making weapons and props.

    The thing that I most encountered when designing hand-held objects is to ensure that it would stay rugged whist being able to have the weapon "thrown around" with some degree. By inspecting the pictures closely, It would appear that it is reasonably fragile. Adding extra brass re-enforcing plating or copper plating could heavily increase its structural integrity. I would also like to add that although the theme of "Steampunk" is reliant on the look of originality and exposed mechanics, sometimes it is a good idea to know when enough is enough. I would cut down a little bit on things that may look good and replace it with what would look like it works. For example, 2 bulbs look somewhat clumsy. However, 1 bulb and a generator of some kind would look industrious and mechanical. I would like to say that materials on hand will have a direct impact on what you can make so still be creative but a phrase I think you should stick by is "Although I have this the materials, I dont have to use them". Using this I was able to fabricate multiple props with a good friend of mine. If you would like to see our work, I would like to show you how we have approached this

    This project is however based on lasers so the actual weapon design doesn't matter as far as a prop goes, so I would like to say that you should also demonstrate that you have an understanding for using dangerously large amounts of laser radiation whilst still being able to use it constructivly.

    Try to take pictures during the day, outside and have someone else hold the camera. This will show off the natural colours of the prop and it will also give you a clear-er image for Instructable members to view.

    Hope this helps and have fun making more :)