Steampunk Candle Sconce

Introduction: Steampunk Candle Sconce

• Candle Sconce - bought at a thrift store - $1.75
• Beeswax candle - already had (If I bought one new I think I would buy an off-white or light beige color)
• Black spray paint - Walmart - $1.30
• Gears - I busted up an old 1950s alarm clock that I found at an estate sale, yard sale or antique store (don't remember). Also you can buy gears at Michaels in the scrapbooking section. Look for Jim Holtz ideology brand - $4 or $5 for a bag of 12, I think.
• Wings, Keys - Michael's, Jim Holtz ideology brand - $4 or $5 for a bag of about 8.
• Clock face and hands - Michael's, Jim Holtz ideology brand
• Spring - made from some thin wire; wrap tightly around a pencil to make spring shape
• Moon charm - bought a few years ago on clearance in jewelry-making section of a craft store.

1. Take apart sconce, set brass candle holder aside. Use black spray paint on the wood. Let dry. Before screwing the brass candle holder back onto the sconce I placed a large silver washer under it.
2. I used a LOW-HEAT glue gun to glue on the decorative items. Other adhesives make work better or be more permanent. I made this piece as part of my office Christmas decorating.

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