Steampunk Case for My FiiO X1 Mp3 Player




Introduction: Steampunk Case for My FiiO X1 Mp3 Player

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so i decided to make a hard case for my hi-res music player not to destroy it very quick like i always do.

this it my first try making an instruction, so i'm afraid it won't be informative enough but still


  • pieces of wood from local hobby-shop
  • copper sheets 1mm and 0.5mm thick
  • brass parts of an old zaz k-133 carburettor
  • copper wire 2mm diameter
  • black leather
  • 3mm acrylic glass


  • nothing special just
  • powerdrill with 2mm drillbit
  • knife/cutter
  • files, sandpaper, metal polish
  • 45W soldering iron

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Step 1: Step 1: Wood & Copper Case

i used a piece of wood about 3mm thick for the front cover and driller out some holes for the buttons and the display

for the back i used 0.5mm copper sheet

for the on/off and volume buttons i also used small pieced of wood and attached them using rivets made of copper wire

Step 2: Step 2: Hinge & Latch

the hinge is made of 1mm copper sheet and is soldered to the main caseand the latch mechanismwas made by combining some carburettor and clock parts together

front and back parts are combined together by 6 copeer wire pieces soldered to the back case, which will be flattened after final assembly.

Step 3: Step 3: Buttons

after clearcoating the front panel i glued some leather to it's inner surface so it would cover the button holes.

buttons are carburettor fuel and air jets, a little bit shortened and glued in to leather

well, this is it. i've been using it for three weeks now and everything still works and stays in place.

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    That looks awesome! This is a perfect way to make your stuff personal and unique.