Clockpunk - Clockworkpen (Howto)

Introduction: Clockpunk - Clockworkpen (Howto)

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In this tutorial we build a tiny clockpunkpen
made with clockwork parts.
The pen is designed like a key .
and can be worn as necklaces.

have fun while building a clockpunkpen in 30 minutes.

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Step 1: What You Need

Step 2: Preparation

if some writing is on the ball pen refill, then grind it away.

Step 3: Grip

[ Pic 1 ]
Remove the screws of the terminal block.
Screw nuts on the screws.

[Pic 2]
Attach a terminal block, with one of the screws on the front of the ball pen refill.
The exact position will result later.
take care, if you screw too tightly. you bend the ball pen refill.

[Pic 3]
Screw the foot of an alarm clock, in the second hole of the terminal block.

Step 4: Body

[Pic 1]
Sliding two brass tubes with a spring in between, on the ball pen refill.

[Pic 2]
Screw a large gear, with two screws on a terminal block. As in the photo.
Mount the whole, on the ball pen refill.
you, can also use just one screw in the middle.

This is in itself a finished Stempunk pen that looks like a key.
Even without the gear, you can write with this pen.
good for a toolkit as a mini pen.
In order to write perfect, some training is needed.

Step 5: Mechanic

[Pic 1]
Bending the clock spring, on the side where the hole is, as in the photo.

[Pic 2]
Shift the clocks spring, with the hole on the metal pin( with the gear).
Fit the whole, with a terminal block, which has only one screw .

[Pic 3]
Move the metal pin, in the ball pen refill.
Slide a brass tube to the tip of the ballpoint pen refill.
Fix the tube and the clock spring (temporary) with wire.

[Pic 4]
Remain behind the tube, must be a little free space.
The tip of the pen will disappear completely in the tube.

[Pic 5 / Pic 6]
Attach a brass ring around the ink cartridge tube and the spring.
The spring must not be trapped. so that you can move the spring.

[Pic 7 / Pic 8]
The next ring is attached to the front brass tube.
here should be the spring, with the ring, firmly clamped.
Now remove the wire.

[Pic 9 / Pic 10]
a last ring gets to the end.
behind the gear.
The spring must have space.
like the central ring.

[Pic 11 / Pic 12]
A clockwork pen that rocks.

Step 6: Pendant

[Pic 1]
Bending two wires as shown in the photo.
Bending a wire as an eight. so that a terminal block screw, fits into one hole.
bending for the other hole, a brass ring, where a chain fits in.

[Pic 2]
remove the screw on the pen button.

[Pic 3]
put the screw, without nut in the wire-eight.

[Pic 4]
put the screw back to their place.


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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    It's very easy and beautiful. Congratulations! This is Clockwork!
    But I think this is uncomfortable to write, maybe.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction


    the optic was of course in focus.
    I can write with this pen.(with training).
    it works, as long as you write only a few notes.
    it is enough to write down a telephone number. or even a little bit more.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    great job I have some old watch parts and tons of pens but sadly no large clock gears so if I want to make this I would need to get the rest of the parts


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great work ... It looks really cool ... It can be used for necklace too ... Good job ...Keep it up


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Since you used a pen, it is incorrect to call it a clockwork pencil. It should be Steampunk - Clockwork Pen