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Introduction: Steampunk Cosplay Gun

About: I like Making computer art. I see beauty in junk. Where others see a sewing table I see a charging station. People saw old motherboards, I made a Led lamp. I like creating. Hope you enjoy my creations

This is one of the cosplay guns I made for my kids. Here is the tools you will need to get started:

1: Paint Brushes

2: Paint

3: Gun of Choice

4: Screw Driver



Parts for decor

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Step 1:

Pick your gun!

This one is for my son, so when we cosplay he isn't left out.

This small one can also be a garder gun, or ankle gun as well.

Step 2: Take It Apart

This step can be skipped if you want, but if you want good detail, as well as easier to paint, I would.

Take a screw driver and take out the screws, then carefully open.

Take a picture of the gun, that way you have a reference in case you can't remember how to put it back together

Step 3: Paint It the Way You Want

I painted the entire thing black, then let dry. Then I went over it with the colors I wanted. Easier not to miss any spots. This may take a couple of of coats and few hrs to do.

Step 4: Put Back Together

Just carefully put it back together, refer to picture you took earlier.

Step 5: Aging

If you want to make it look old, take black paint and your paint brush. Dip the brush in paint and rake of access on side, Now take a cloth and get a little more paint off, leaving almost none. Go over the areas you want aged, corners do well.

This is called dry brush technique.

Fell free to take your finger and rub on gun as well to give a non brushed look

Step 6: Add Some Decor

I make these alot nowadays, and my signature is computer parts. You can use other decor but this is what I used.


You just spent at least 6 hours on this. Spend 30 more minutes and mod podge it to seal it. It helps with chips and moisture, and makes it more kid resistant

Total cost for this is under $10 and that is if you need paint and brushes. The gun was $3 and my son has more fun with it like this, then in the original form.

Step 7: Other Ideas

This is one of my other nerf guns I made. Got half way thru and forgot to do an instructable on it. I figured I would add it to this one to give more Ideas. Enjoy!

Thank you for looking at my instuctable!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love the end result! You didn't even need to do anything other than painting it! So amazing!