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Introduction: Steampunk Dalek Chair

Aspiring wizard... Influenced by steampunk designs and desire to make things my way.

This is an evolution of a project, which started out as a scaled down wooden Dalek cabinet, but became a steampunk inspired chair.

The actual design is very similar to Command Chair featured in episodes from the 7th Doctor.

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Step 1: Fender Base

As I said this was an evolving project, as such the base was initially constructed as a complete, albeit scalled version of the NSD DALEK. Its about 2/3 scale.

The reasoning behind the scale reduction was so that it would fit through a normal sized door. Daleks cant attack peopple in there homes, as they're too wide to get in.

The base is made up of various sections which create a raised secxtion. The plans are available from Project Dalek. Obviously for tehg finished chair, i cut the front peak off and repaced it with a straight board. THis was actially some decking board which i already had.

Heavy duty casters were used on the base to make it movable.

Step 2: Skirt

This was one of the more complicated parts of the build. mainly due tol the fact that the top and bottom section of the Daleks skirt section are not symetical. Most Daleks are build using thin sheet or fibreglass which wrap around the frame and mask the resulting twist in the panels. Obviously this is not possible with 22mm pine which iused to construct this one.

As with the fender, the skirt is roughtly 2/3 scale.

The sides and back are straight which make some of the constuction easy, however the front and rear quarter panels were cut in triagualr sections with the edges angled to match the neighbouring panel. once glues and assembles, these were then heavily sanded to give a smooth twist.

The 40 hemisphers are 60mm beech semi circular wooded orbs, mounted on a thin circular disk. eack disk was cut carefully by hand on a table saw. They were then assembled and varnished.

The main section was stained dark oak prior to varnishing and the hemisphers being crewed into place. 10 mm dowl was used to hide the screws.

Step 3: The Chair

The seat section was made using decking board cut to match the internal angles of the skirt section. It is about 19 inch from the floor, which matched the office chair i was using. Two battens were cut to hold the seat in place. these also matched the internal angles of teh skirt.

The chair back is also decking board which is slotted through the seat and angled off the back frame of the skirt.

Once again the skirt meant this was compound angle overload. The internal agles also meant that the top had to be pried open slightly in order to het the boards in.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

The top of the skirt section was finished with some walnut edging cut and formed to match the shape of the top section. these were glued and screwed in place and the screw heads hidden with 10mm dowel. the edge was rounded with router and sanded smoothe prior to being varnished.

I also wanted to add more detail to the seat back, and as i had some 22mm and 15mm copper pipe available, I opted to create a frame. 22mm dowel was sed at the top and bottomwhich was fixed to the skirt section and the walnut capping piece. 22mm straight sockets were then used to hold the pipe in place. 22mm to 15:mm reduction tee were used to step down the for the side bits. 15mm holes were drilled intoi the skirk cladding and once assbled, the pipe work was glued in situ with epoxy resin.

Addition pipework was fitted into the seat section and 15mm pipe was used to cap the front of the skirt.

Battery powered LED strip lights were then installed in the fende with the control box being cable tied to the seet stay. Clear plastic strips cut from a pop bottle were used to fix the LED strip in place.

After downloading the DalekID font, a name plate and build plate were printed and gled to harboard and then mounted to ther finished chair. These may alter soon, I can find an engraver as I think metal would look better, but they'll do for time being.

The cussion is store bougt, although I hope to make a proper one for it at some time, which will maltch the intenal shape of the seat.

A big thankyou goes out to the good people on the Project Dalek forum ( without the plans and experience I would never have started this project.

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    2 Discussions

    Whitney Fabre
    Whitney Fabre

    1 year ago

    How cool, good work on the chair!

    Alex in NZ
    Alex in NZ

    1 year ago

    Beautiful chair. Thank you for sharing the construction of it. I love the copper-pipe work at the back. :-)