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Introduction: Steampunk Earrings

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A quick and easy intro on how to collect watch parts, find blanks to use as bezels, choose your epoxy and make Steampunk Earrings.

This also works for pendants, cuff links, you name it.

Even better. They don't have to be steampunk! This epoxy inlay method would work for sand, stones, hair curls, keys, collage, treasures of all kinds. If you can find a form/bezel to hold it, and follow the epoxy manufacturers instructions, you make just about any kind of jewelry, from bolos and belt buckles to rings, pendants and cuff links!

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Step 1: Collect Your Watch Parts and Get Ready to Make Jewelry!

The trick with making earrings is finding two of everything and making them match!
You are going to have to take a lot of watches apart, but it is worth it!

I often paint the interior of the bezels to make for better contrast.

The process is simple:

- get your blanks ready, clean and level for better filling.

- Sort out the parts the way you like them and place them in the bezels.

- Pour the same amount of epoxy in each form

- be sure to watch them for a few minutes while the epoxy settles and prick out any bubbles.

- Depending on the epoxy you use, follow manufacturers instructions for curing.

... and then come back check on them tomorrow! Bring your camera!

Step 2: Materials You Will Need:

-Watch Parts! Lots of Them!

- Earring blanks can be had from most jewelry supply companies. Rio Grande, Rings and Things, Nunn Design, etc.

- Epoxy. I use Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glass which requires a UV light to cure. Even 2 part epoxy from the hardware will work, you just have to be VERYcareful mixing it.

- Tweezers for placing the watch parts in the forms.

- an awl or some tooth picks for pricking the bubbles out of the epoxy before it starts to harden

- Empty card board box. This serves two purposes: catching spills, and being able to punch holes so the earring findings can pass through and the bezel will lie flat.

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