Steampunk Elf Costume

Introduction: Steampunk Elf Costume

The first time we attend a ComiCon. We used some re-purposed items, some thrifted items, and lots of items from the dollar store.

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Step 1: Making an Elf From an Orc

She was an Orc for Halloween, I will post the 'ible for that soon enough, but the costumes are one and done for her. So we decided to reuse and re-purpose some of the things from that Orc for the Elf. This was the very first costume we did for ComiCon. The ears are the Orc ear tips. The vambrace was a reworking of the Orc chestpiece. Once again, I did not get a whole lot of pictures of the process...

Step 2: Makeup

Yes, she was totally thrilled to have her picture taken. Why is OK for strangers to ask for pictures, but parents get attitude? Green and sparkly, that was her elf. We put her hair over her ears so only the tips stood out.

Step 3: Pieces and Parts

The top hat is made from cardboard, with faux leather fabric hot glued onto it. Went to the dollar store and got some protective goggles, used gold rub'n buff on them. Added upholstery tacks to the sides. The silver goggly parts were a couple of storage tins. We cut the middle of the lids out and added colored gels, cut to size. I bought a wooden bow and arrow set for $20 on Amazon, and she spent hours with the silver rub'n buff and hot gluing the gears and things. She even took off the feather fletchings from the arrows and added gears. Remember that faux leather fabric I put on the hat, also cut a wide strip of it to make her corset. I added grommets and a ribbon. We took apart an old leather purse, hot glued the pocket onto some belt pieces we wrapped around her leg. The jacket is an old fuzzy blanket I cut up and sewed ribbon around the edge of. It even had a hood.

Step 4: At the Con

See, she does know how to smile.

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