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behold my latest creation: it is a piece of steampunk that i personally think is easy to make, fun for steampunky things. this is makable ouit of a few (reasonably) available items.

two tube shaped ink cartridge, photocopier size (sorry i cant be more specific. i dont know the brand and if you have trouble finding them just use those metal tubes that whicky bottles come in. or something else)
4 belts
a detachable shower piece
a milk bottle, plastic, big
a tin can
a lot of wire coathangers
metal plate/ plywood
duct tape

a swiss army knife (maybe)
a hammer
a pair of needle nose pliers
a nail

Step 1: Breathing Can

get the can and punch hole in the top with the hammmer and the nails and then punch a pair of holes in the sides near the other end of the can and widen them by sticking the tip of the pliers and wideneing them enough to have the shower attachment pipe fit into them i would advise covering the open end of the soup tin with a couple of layers of duct tape as it will be near enough to your mouth to make it look as you have had an accident whilst shaving or have been attacked by a blind vampire.

Ok. here is where the update begins to kick in:

Take these measurements down: piece 1. 12cm by 4 cm
piece 2. 7cm by 3.5 cm( this one is optional. you will need 2 of these)
piece 3. 11cm by 3.5cm
piece 4. 9 cm by 2.5 cm

cut these out of the milk bottle ( which should be plastic btw) as in the pictures below, which may be out of order and/or fuzzy due me having lass than perfect lighting whilst taking them.

ok this bit gets a bit complicated.

then take the hole puncher, punch ttwo holes on either side of the pipe holes, along the rim of the can. then on one side punch a hole directly between the two pipe holes, again along the rim of the can. then punch two more holes both on opposite sides of ( not to) the hole youve just punched, both between that hole and the pipe holes.

then take the pieces of plast and attach piece 1 to the side with five holes using either a metal hole punch with eyelets or a popriveter. this piece will go under your chin when you put t on. which you shouldnt. yet.

then take piece 4 and match it by its corners to the two holes on the other side but dont punch it onto the can yet.. after that take piece 3 and put it over the same holes, also at its corners. now use the riveter to pop rivet them on. this will result in them both curving above the can, the upper, longer one more so. the lower one should have the side nearer to the closed end of the can pulled down into contact with the can the the upper one should have its angle altered according to nose size, and/or comfort.

as the edges of the plastic may well be plastic you may wish to cover the edges with duct tape. also you may wish to trim them a bit.

Step 2: Basic Strapping

take the ink cartridges and lash them together using two of the belts to lash them together. also take two of the lengths of wire harvested from coathanger and bend them around the canisters like so (dont forget to bend the ends of these lengths over back on themselves by a little more than the width of one of the belts)

Step 3: Shoulders

you may be wondering why im not simply tucking the shoulder straps/belts into the belts around the canisters. the problem with this is that the canisters arent as wide as a torso so i came up with the wire extensions.

now that thats done with take the remaining pair of belts and loop them through the loops that youve made on the end s of the metal extenders, closing them up tight with pliers afterwards. remember to leave a good stretch of belt at either end.

Step 4: Breathing Apparatus

before you begin this step just double check that there is no ink in the actual canisters.

take the shower attachment ( which should ideally be plastic) and cut lengths of the tube from it, each roughly 18-24 inches depending on your preference. then, if needed (i did) wrap one end of each one with a strip of duct tape. if your tube is too wide then you coul try slipping it around the nozzle or gouging out a bigger hole. be careful if you do.

stick lengths the same length as the cut piece of tubing down the tube so that when you bend it it retains the shape. then stick the end of the the pipe with the duct tape on it into the nozzle at the top of the canister. do the is with both pipes and don the kit.

once the kit is on bend the pipes to come over your shoulders and round the side of your head to meet each other in front of your mouth and then stick them into holes in the sides of the breathing can.

then put on the dust ask seperately and duct tape it on. if you cover it in duct tape then it becomes completely black and therefore better looking. also i would advise painting the pipes an a ppropriately steampunk shade, say, brass. for effect you understand



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    its good a good base design now anyone who will make it can
    add their own custom paint job,
    nice work! :3

    good idea. this instructable however is sessentially on idefinite hiatus regarding updates to it though due to the fact that A: various attempts at improving it have ended in wasted resources and B: i have various other maker ideas taking priority, which have no instructables ready for them


    9 years ago on Introduction

    The can and the green -thingies really do it for this, and I like the symmetry. The plastic is a bit non-steam though - have you got anything like leather or canvass which you could wrap with? (drag the third image P4170544.JPG to be number 1 in the introduction - it looks better on the front?) L

    7 replies

    i have three skulls, an unidentified vertibrae (as i said) and im gonna see if i can blag some ribs off my sister

    good question. i was quite excited about actually getting the thing online, so i havent thrown on brass attachments etc etc OR spraypainted anything. im gonna though dont worry. I just though that a gas mask stirkes me as something inherently steampunk.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    looks cool, but needs some detail work, paint the air canisters brass, the tubing black and maybe some engraving on the can (I'd shorten it a bit too but that's just me)

    1 reply

    i kinda want the canisters to remain green for "toxic Gas" purposes. but the design can be tailored for your own wishes if you decide to make one