Steampunk Goggles

Introduction: Steampunk Goggles

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Here is my instructable on Steampunk Goggles
Metal Sheet
Male & Female Couplings
Small nut & bolt
Leather/ Leather belt
Dog tag style chain
Double loop lens
Eye glass lens
Hot glue/Hot glue gun

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Step 1:

Form metal to provided stencil. Round out around male coupling, cut leather to same shape with added height.

Step 2:

Strech leather around male coupling, cut a diagonal cut were the leather starts to curve upward. Place metal leather around metal.

Step 3:

Fold back leather over top the edge of metal and secure with hot glue. Drill hole were the mid-way point of your nose bridge stands out, place chain through hole and secure with the "thingamobober", ( the latch thing at the end of a dog tag chain ).

Step 4:

Place ring clamp at the front of female coupling, I used the small slits on the sides to place a 6 mm. wide peice of metal between two slits and bend to make it one peice pointing outward.

Step 5:

Now attach two separate clamps to back of the male coupling on top sheet metal. Cut a peice of metal 11 mm by 2 1/4 in. Cut at the ends of metal to make thinner at the bottom. Fold down the tabs on the end of metal through slits of clamp, fold to the under side of clamp and secure clamp to coupling do the same to the opposing goggle, now its adjustable.  

Step 6:

Cut belt in half and fold around handles on the coupling and secure sides together with the small nut and bolt.
To change out lenses just unscrew couplings and place lens the screw back on and, Voila!!! Your done!

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