Steampunk Goggles With Style - Fathom-Mind Goggles

Introduction: Steampunk Goggles With Style - Fathom-Mind Goggles

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Whilst wondering how Christmas 2011 would bring gifts to all, I had already made up my mind that my good brother, Jesse, would be receiving hand-made 'inventions' of my creation for his pleasure that season, regardless of any other gifts bought, made or stolen for others. ::WARNING:: This was created in ONE NIGHT, so while I too am AWARE that utilizing other methods, supplies, etc. could bring both more 'intact' results as well as various improved stability, I thought of and created this in ONE night.
Thank you.

Therefore both the "Fathom Mind Goggles" and the "Danwhigg Device" were born.

We shall see some snapshots of the "Fathom Mind Goggles" in this instructable.

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Step 1: Step One - Supplies and Thoughts


- Main 'head oriented Goggular base unit' to build upon - In this case a dollar store pair of work glasses.
- Brass rings to accent.
- Main "goggle" lenses - In this case plastic containers.
- Thick rubber bands (Gumbands) for accents and texture.
- Various smaller lenses for add-on supplementary magnification armature.
- Faux leather or "pleather" accenting and brow hood cover.
- Strap or Belt for head bindings.

- Screws
- Nutes/Bolts
- Various decorative pieces of wood (some gathered from Dollar store miniture butter knife handles, etc.)
- Dollar store magnifying lenses.
- Paint pen for brass 'look' on work goggles.

Step 2: Step Two Through Four - Basic Foundation / Construction

Firstly begin by readying your goggles with the paint pen; covering the entire thing with brass looking paint.

(This project could be broken up properly into a step by step, but after reviewing the pictures I've supplied, it's nearly impossible to not understand intuitively how this was constructed and thus we will break up into a couple chunks of steps.)

- Taking the two plastic containers, simply wrap the gum bands around them to fit.
- Glue the two brass rings onto the front as a way to both keep the gumbands on as well as add a rad accent.
- Position the two containers, with their new 'adornments' to the front of the work glasses and fixate with glue/epoxy; mind that you see they are positioned in a manner to see through comfortably.

Step 3: Step Five - Magnification Armature Construction


Now that you've created your main "lenses" and fasten them to the safety glasses (which have been prepped by the brass paint pen), move onto the next steps:

- Drill a small hole in the center at the front of the safety glasses right near the top (See picture);
This is where you'll fasten your additional 'magnification armature'.
- Take the small piece of dowel/handle from the miniature cheese/butter knife OFF.
- Got a small magnification lens from the dollar store or elsewhere? Fasten this to the end of the wood;
Basically, use the 'handle' of the magnifying lens so that it can 'swing' in front of one of the goggle lenses.
(NOTE: I took the magnifying lens OFF of a dollar store tweezer/magnifier set.)


- Screw wooden piece to glasses.
- Glue a small SCREW to the outward end of the wood piece; This screw will screw INTO the BACK of a PC Motherboard screw.
(I hollowed out the end of the wood so that the rounded head of the screw would fit snug when glued)
- Using a computer Mother Board Screw, simply attach the magnifier, and screw onto the wood/screw.

(Wow - I should rewrite this...
MANY DISTRACTIONS during this instructable)

Step 4: Step Six - the Final Steps

By now you have something that looks like the picture here:

From this point on we simply add the faux leather, which I simply cut from a dollar store notebook,
add a piece of belt as the head binding and fixate it all with some glue, a few aphaulstrey pins and a couple studs from another dog collar.

- Measure where your goggles fit onto your face and begin customizing it with an exacto knife, scalple, etc.
- As in the pictures, I cut out a piece of 'pleather' from the notebook and began to glue it onto the top and over the sides of the goggles.
- I took the collar/belt I got from the dollar store and cut it (measuring roughly enough to both fit around the head as well as room for being attached to the goggles)
- Then, on both the left and right sides I both GLUED and PINNED the pieces of belt/collar to the sides so that the buckle ends are on the back, around the head.

- You're almost done....

Step 5: Step Six - FINAL

At this point you've constructed your goggles -

The "Fathom-Mind Goggles" are both ™ & © by Jeremy Charles Barnhart for reasons of being paranoid that something I made, rather swiftly and using my imagination in this manner, will be 'stealable' and overshadowed by those who are more able to spend on their creations as well as have the time and patience to sit back and do whatever they want.
I do not have the luxury of time nor money.

That and I like owning things I make - LOL

I don't have the time to keep an eye on this page unfortunately,
and I more than likely will not receive messages concerning responses to this instructable, but if you DO have questions or would like to talk, definitely shoot me some mail:

JCBarnhart - 
Pictured below with a bad haircut and a painting of mine in the background.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have never thought of using the base of Construction goggles before! You my friend have a great mine! I think I might incorporate them into my next design! I love it! Thank you! I shall be sure to credit you for the brilliant idea!