Steampunk Jetpack

Introduction: Steampunk Jetpack

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

Here is the step by step Photo-instructables of my steampunk jetpack

Step 1: Main Engine Test

I tried some different approaches/configurations until i found the right configuration for the main engine

Step 2: Main Engine Setup

I had left some clamps from my old drum they fitted perfectly

Step 3: Main Engine Test 2

....should i add more idecided to NOT...less is more

Step 4: Installing Fuel Feed for the Main Engine

I used inox eggcups combine with brass connctors and copper pipe

Step 5: Preparing Muounts and Fuelfeed for the Left and Right Controle Engine

same procedure as before for the main engine fuelfeed

Step 6: Left and Right Controle Engine Setup

The Laft and Right controlengines-body is made out of some WW1 brass bulletshells

Step 7: Installing Fuel Feed for the Left and Right Controle Engine

Installing Fuel Feed for the left and right controle engine

Step 8: Wearing Skeleton

with griptape upholster

Step 9: Backrest

with leather upholster

Step 10: Stearing Bars

for left and right

Step 11: Finish

...if someone is interested i am selling my prop...just make me an offer



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    Amazingly well done, but the description of each step is a bit lacking. Would be cool if you put LED lights and a smoke/fog maker in the engines.

    Nice pictures, but I wish there was a lot more description.

    Nice work. Looks like there's room inside for a small CO2 fire extinguisher to simulate an exhaust plume.

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    Clever bit of engineering. How fast can you go? LOL!

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    Patrick, would you mind if I put your Steam Punk Jet Pack on my Disqus channel?

    My channel is about Steam Punk and some other eclectic stuff. But I would love to show a few pictures of your jet pack and the link to the instructions you provided. And by all means, please leave a comment or other pictures.

    This isn’t spam. I’m just a fan of Steam Punk gizmos.



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    Hello, no problem you can share my project and maybe there are some people who also vote for my project in he helloween contest, that would be great

    Fantastic!! BUT!! You've got to make the "rudder helmet" or you will go out of control at takeoff!!

    Yeah, I'm a steampunk geek too. :)

    Awesome work!

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    thats why i added the stering / control engines on the left and right but anyway thx. its even my first steampunk attemp

    I'd say you have a pretty good handle on it - particularly for your FIRST steampunk build!

    Please don't take the following as any sort of criticism, it most assuredly is not. I'm so excited to see this project here. It's a perfect fit as a steampunk Instructable and the presentation is as good as I've seen in a couple years reading Instructables!

    Not seeing it in person, I can't tell if you have any "busy" works that are somewhat common on steampunk designs. Blinking lights, gears and cranks turning, mechanical sound effects, things like that. Are they needed? Not at all, but they help "sell" the whole effect. It's like artificially ageing the finish, you don't see it's missing but if it's added the project achieves another level of wonder and fantasy.

    Best Wishes, Larry

    thanks and appreciate your comment, in fact i considered few things to add but then i thought i will let it without all those gimmicks just pure and raw ;) i did not know that i would get so much reaction on this instructable so i am very honored for all the positive feedback i get