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Originally the idea was to just reduce the amount of extra plastic that was around my monitor. But recently I discovered Steampunk, and thought it would look great to make it a little Steampunk like.

For the Most part I followed the steps at the Steampunk Workshop with a few changes. Mine was being mounted on the wall and had speakers.

The original speakers were painted brass and hung on the sides with leather. I glued brass corners to the front of the monitor to give it some color. The original button housing is also glued to the bottom as it looked fine the way it was.

The original metal frame was an extra 1/4 inch larger all around the LCD panel. So I had to cut it down to make it smaller then the panel. I also had to drill new holes for the wall mount bracket.

In the end it is now 3 inches shorter in width, 2 inches shorter in height, and another 1 inch smaller in depth. Which was perfect for my end goal. And I am pretty happy with how it looks now too.

Currently I am working on a Cheap/Easy Steampunk keyboard that I plan to upload the steps here as soon as it's done



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    :C grrr! the new instructables in annoying... im starting to use it less and less as its getting worse :C.. not happy

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    :O XD What world are you in? :P jk. Its not *that* bad, but it always closes on me for no reason XD GOOGLE CHROME FTW!

    I love Enlightenment! The nixie clock animated wallpaper would go perfect with this.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I tried to keep it simple as I have very few tools to work with. All the time added up, it could have been done in one afternoon.