Steampunk LED Color Mixer Lamp




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I decided to make an artist friend of mine a LED lamp that can mix colors and have USB charging port for their phone.  Basically it is a steampunk insulator night light that uses RGB LEDs.  The top and bottom halves can be independently lit up with RGB or white light, or turned off.

I made the base out of oak strips so I could get a finger joint look.  The copper plates were etched with the laser printer mask method and muriatic acid.  The 5 vdc supply was from an old cell phone charger.

The hard part was cramming a number of LEDs in the top half and bottom half of the copper pipe insulator support.

Stain and plain old carnuba wax finished it all off.



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    Winged Fist

    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great looking steampunk lamp, but the first picture doesn't so it justice. I would suggest swapping the lead photo for a better close-up that shows the whole build in the thumbnail. Maybe the last photo? This deserves a lot more views than it has received, and changing the first photo may help...


    Not really as it only adjusts color by manual selection of the colors by the rotary switches on either side. Maybe a circuit for an audio input would be the next generation?