Steampunk Lamp



Steampuk lamp

Brief instruction-description: the Base of the lamp stand is made from 7 mm brass rod of square section. From this rod holder is made for patrons under the lights. The brass is heated to a dark red glow, cooled under running water and bent under the corner necessary to us . Stand scraps are collected at the round copper tube with the aid of screws M5 DIN84. On top of it put the holder onto two cartridge, is made of three brass rods of the same square cross-section. Sawed-off pieces of copper pipe with a diameter of 52 mm was the basis for fixing the protective shades. The lampshades are made of thick copper wire, brass hex rod and wire mesh. Connectors company Waco located in a small Central column. Lever switch

materials: brass, copper, steel, Edison bulb


Step 1:



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    3 years ago

    Attractive lamp. It would certainly be nice to see build instructions. Thanks for the pictures.