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Introduction: Steampunk Lamp

This steampunk lamp is made out with pallet wood and with an Edison bulb. This is a simple project of one of Dan's Cordero project, who I admire a lot. I have done a recreation of this, improvising materials that I already had.

In the video you can see the step by step and the final result of this project. It is an easy to make lamp with a beautiful retro style.

Step 1: Photo Process

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Where did you get the old style cotton electrical cord and the old fashioned switch/socket. Every thing else is self-explanatory. Neat project and I am looking forward to making a couple as gifts.

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Thanks. I got the cable and the switch both in Aliexpress as "vintage rope wire" and "vintage Edison Swich" but I imagine that you could also find them in Amazon.


1 year ago

great project, but where to get cable like that.?

or if you made it, would appreciate it if you show us how you made it

thank you

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Thank you, I got the cable in Aliexpress, you can search it as "vintage rope wire".

You are welcome! It is annoying, you missed the light competition for one day! (Have a look to my new video, click on the (i) in the upper right corner)

I like it - simple, clean, attractive. Well done :)

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