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This is a work in progress but having a hard time trying to decide what to put in the open area above the switch and I am looking for idea's from other members.
Please feel free to give your thoughts & idea's and I am also asking that if possible can you all please rate my work.
Thank you hope you all like it.
Well this is the best meter I could find for free I know it work's however I cant get it to work properly ... every time i connect power to it the meter slams the other side, Could anyone help me with this issue?



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Built a knife switch for above it would look sharp !

    Winged Fist

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Grasshopper1221 – I would suggest you consider a brass ship-type thermometer. These can be very expensive, but can also be found really cheap. After some research, I was able to snag one on ebay for less than $5 with shipping! I installed it into the the quasi-steampunk oak cabinet that holds my desktop computer, so I can always check the temp. inside the box;-)

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    I have pretty much scrapped this piece and thinking of something better. possibly make a twin and go from there. It's a real nice looking light, I have allot of idea's but nothing to show for it yet.

    And thanks for the input Winged Fist that does sound like a great idea.

    yes i wasn't super descriptive im thinking about on of these,36/508536/big-breaker-switch-vector.jpg&w=380&h=400&ei=yEv3TuHnAoLe0QGlpPmfAg&zoom=1
    or this

    ahh yes i see your point! I like that alot however I dont have any and I already have the switch for this in place I cannot use 1 but I shall on a later project!! thanks again for the input great idea!!

    These Are LED light's (low voltage) as of right now there are battery powered 3 AAA but when complete it may be USB powered. Hope that helps.

    Nicely done! (I would have only made it bigger!) anyways I agree with @oldmicah
    a nice meter of some kind would look great!... personally I would go more simplistic and either wood-burn (pyrography) a design in, or use some thing like a brass stamping of filigree.... (which reminds me I need to finish my ESC (Energy Storage Container) converter and pack light... all it needs is some exterior work...)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great! What did you use for the bulb?

    If it were me, I'd put an old style ohm meter kind of gauge. (round dial with red needle that ramped up higher based on how much voltage went through). Print out a backing with something like Aetheroscope with a big red section marked 'danger'. But then I'll probably be paying for my kids' therapy.

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    Thank you very kind of you.
    I used 2 super bright LED's and a white heat resistant mess, sorry don't know the proper name of the stuff but I find it alot in toaster microwave ovens. But it seems to defuse the light pretty evenly. I like the guage idea alot thankyou for the input!