Steampunk Magnifying Glass

Introduction: Steampunk Magnifying Glass

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This areal easy Steampunk makeover for an inexpensive magnifying glass.

Step 1: Draw Out a Simple Design

Sketch out a simple design that flows and fits your hand comfortably. With a Steampunk type of handle. 

Step 2: Materials List

You will need an inexpensive magnifying lens. I got one from the local dollar store.
Some scraps of wood, any type , I used wavy maple and African Heartwood scraps I had.
Brass rivets, screws, bolts and nuts, anything that look Steampunk.
Wood Glue

Step 3: Take Out the Glass Lens

Remove the glass lens from the $1 mag. glass, the handle is usually plastic  and brakes apart easily! Trace the lens circle onto your wood, then cut it out on a band saw or with a jig saw, scroll saw , etc.

Step 4: Cut Out the Handle

I chose a darker wood for the handle to give it some contrast. I had some African heartwood scraps lying in the scrap bin.WARNING!!! Be careful if you use this type of wood. Its dust is highly irritating to skin and mucous membranes. I found out the hard way. I had swollen eyes. stuffed up nasal passages, itchy skin, just for starters. It lasted more than a week.  I mask up and use a fan to draw the dust out of the room. Goggles, gloves and tight clothing too! I thought I could avoid it without breathing for a short time while cutting, but the dust is wicked and gets to you somehow!! BE FORE WARNED!!!

Step 5: Drill the Rivet Holes

measure out six brass rivet holes evenly around the maple rim, then drill them for the brass rivets.

Step 6: Some Rivets

I had some rivets I got from a yard sale for 50 cents. I estimated several hundred dollars worth according to prices in a Tandy Leather catalog. I have found some great stuff at yard sales. I can't pass one up if I see a sign on the road or a house! 

Step 7: Glue It Together

Line up the lens, maple circle, and handle, glue and clamp it overnight.

Step 8: Sand the Edges & Finish

Sand the sharp edges over till rounded and nice. Be careful again with the dark wood dust. The maple is fine. Not toxic like the African heartwood. Put on some Tung oil if you like. I left mine plain. Your choice. Enjoy, Happy Steampunk Magnifying! Triumphman

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    4 years ago

    Good idea, the finished work looks good ,I would have cut the middle hole,Making a small hole first, then put the saw through the hole and then cut, you willn't not have the joint...How did you clamp the glass into the wood? But I will be making one.Have a good day.