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Introduction: Steampunk Makeover

About: In case you were wondering, Griffy is my sweet, adorable wire-haired dachshund!

Steampunk is a cross between Victorian-era and things engineered around steam. Here's how to do a steampunk makeover on yourself!

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Step 1: Accessories

Goggles are a MUST, I have aviator goggles, which are probably best. Also use metals and Victorian-era-type things.

Step 2: Hair

You may want to remove any and all accessories for this. Brush your hair and put it in a Victorian-era-type hairstyle.Some good ideas are:

Step 3: Skin/Makeup Prep

Apply any concealers or moisturizers that you would like to apply, and put on foundation. You can also use chapstick. I used Covergirl 710 Translucent Light foundation and an EOS chapstick.

Step 4: Eyes

First, apply bronze shadow and add a light white or gold in the middle. You can blend it out a bit if you want. Add liner if you would like, you can do a wing if you want. (Sorry if my liner is a MESS, I'm not exactly the best at it.) Now add mascara or false lashes, I'm using mascara.

Step 5: Blush

Brush it on the apples of your cheeks. I am using my e.l.f. blush and bronzing brush.

Step 6: Lips

Apply red, and if you want, add ombré corners and/or gold glitter or shine. You can add gloss if you want.

Step 7: SFX

Draw gears, bolts, and whatever you want. You can be creative with this part!

Step 8: One Last Layer of SFX...

Add dust around the line of your goggles.

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    10 Discussions


    4 years ago

    that's awesome!!!(: you go girl! and you'll get the hang of eyeliner! ;) great tutorial


    5 years ago

    you got featured! congrats :) you deserve it :)

    The dust line around the goggles is amazing. I love all the gears too, I can't quite draw gears on a flat surface so well done for doing it on your own face. Thanks for sharing!


    5 years ago

    very good. I like them dust line around the googles it makes it look like you have been wearing them around the coal that fires the steam.