Steampunk Maverick (Nerf) Blunderbuss

I have been looking for a Steampunk Blunderbuss for a while and could not afford some of the wonderful creations I had seen so armed with an old clock, a nerf maverick rev 6, a funnel, a glue gun, and some Warhammer paint I decided to resolve my armoury issue. This is my first attempt at doing a Mod - Hope you like it

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Step 1: Buy Yourself a Nerf Maverick!

Get yourself a Nerf Gun, I chose a Maverick for its size, and duelling capabilities when taking over other peoples airships.

Search out an old clock in a thrift store and dismantle - watch out for flying springs

Buy a funnel or steal one from the kitchen, I'm probably in trouble next time my wife looks for hers!

Step 2: I Have a Yellow Gun and I Want to Paint It Black

You don't have to have a mechanics spray booth, just a paintbrush and some black acrylic paint - you can key the nerf with sandpaper to get better adhesion, or be prepared for a few coatings and touch ups!

Step 3: Fixing Your Funnel

Now take your funnel, mine is one where the cone and the tube detach. You need to chop your funnel up to leave you a cone , and saw off a small collar with the thread that the cone attaches to and hot glue this onto the end of your gun - you can now screw on and off the blunderbuss part of your gun.

Step 4: Paint Your Wagon - Err Blunderbuss

I used some Warhammer paints - Boltgun Metal, Tin Bitz, Snakebite Leather, Brown Ink, and Burnished Gold. The great thing with these paints is if you don't like it choose another paint and just paint over it. I was going for a mettalic look so main colour is called tin bitz.

At this stage its now down to Modding which is very individual. I had bought a broken clock with the little spinny balls in a thrift store that I will use to mod my gun.

Step 5: Clockworking!

With a bust up clock try and find a set of cogs that will be able to go together - As i am no mechanic I am not attempting to make moving parts but hot glue bits and pieces together. I put parts on both side of gun for aesthetics and just to look so cool!

Step 6: The End Result

Clockwork added , and Nerf Darts loaded the job is done and I have an airship to board 

Step 7: Another Nerf'ish Mod - Didn't Step by Step This Though

I have another modded  store bought gun, I think in looks, it is similar to a nerf  - also fires darts.

It is mainly store bought gun, painted with Warhammer paints, Tin Bitz, Dwarf Bronze, and Gun Metal - The additions are metal bar, curtain hooks, and wind up torch hot glued to top. The curtain hooks will have a wire coil threaded through.

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    20 Discussions


    Reply 6 years ago on Step 7

    Sigh, looking back i probally should of NOT obught a clock from walmart, hence it has no gears!

    It would be even cooler if it SHOT like a blunderbuss

    BLUNDERBUSS- used in the er, mid 1700's and was sorta like a shotgun/grapeshot gun.


    7 years ago on Step 5

    do the gears cut up your fingers when cocking?


    8 years ago on Step 2

    I really appreciate your Rolling Stones reference.


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 2

    i agree, spray paint looks way better, 'cause you dont have al the marks the brushes leave behind

    Fractal Art

    9 years ago on Step 7

    This one actually looks almost exactly like the Switch Shot EX-3. Are you sure it's not an actual Nerf gun?

    1 reply

    Planning on painting the decals and marks back in they look like a coat of arms 8)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Yuo should try some things like taking apart the gun and filing away company marks and decals. Here's mine


    Looked at the Longshot and Recon - I think the Recon looks more suitable for steampunking!

    I have always loved Flintlocks and Blunderbusses. Steampunk is meant to be Victorian, and Blunderbusses are 17th Century and Victorian era was 19th Century. Steampunk takes existing things and imagines them in a more Victorian style and powered by steam or clockwork so that was the inspiration - I saw my funnel and my maverick and bomb the Steampunk Maverick Blunderbuss was born. I forgot to post picture without the Blunderbuss end because it has two very different looks!

    I do like the idea of Modding and also have a Steampunk Whisky Powered Grappling Hook Crossbow as a Work in Progress - Too far in Progress to do a Step by Step though.

    I posted a pic as an extra step to the blunderbuss of a mini nerf style mod I have made - Thanks for the comments - nice to see some positive comments for my first Instructable.

    If I manage to snag a Recon or Vulcan I will post that up too!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    that is sick nice mod dude what gave you th idea?????? and if you can do this to a maverick im wondering what you'll do to a longshot or recon.