Steampunk Necklace From Leftover Pipe and Bottlecaps




Introduction: Steampunk Necklace From Leftover Pipe and Bottlecaps

Art+Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder=Me. I've always loved creating art but it used to be danger...

Jewelry made from 3/4" wide copper pipe and bottle caps

Step 1: Cut the Pipe

Use a tube cutter to cut your 3/4" diameter pipe to the desired length. I used 2 " for the longer and 1 and 1/4" for the smaller one.

Step 2: Dome the Bottle Cap

Use a dapper to flatten the edges of the bottle cap white turning it into a dome

Step 3: Drill Hole in Bottle Cap

Drill a hole in the center of each bottle caps

Step 4: Cut a 10" Piece of 16 Gauge Wire

Step 5: Prepare Wire for Bottom Cap

About 3" from one end bend the wire at a right angle then continue to make a loop

Step 6: Attach Bottom Cap

Place wire through hole in cap

Step 7: Make Round Loop on Outside

Bend wire into right angle then continue to wrap around to make loop

Step 8: Add Center Pipe and End Cap

Before you add the pipe you can embellish it or leave it plain. On the long one I drilled holes and attached metal fasteners( normally used for scrap booking and mixed media) one the smaller one I attached a small metal tag that I had stamped out the word wish. Use your Imagination.

Step 9: Add Top Loop

Make top loop,ing the same way you did the bottom. Great job.

Step 10: Finished Projects



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    8 Discussions

    awesome, you inspired me :-)

    Wow, really original idea!!

    Very cool! These are funky and original, very nicely done! :)

    2 replies

    Thanks so much! This was my first post so I really appreciate the compliments

    You betcha. I hope you'll share more of the things you make! :)

    These are awesome! I'll be making some these afternoon.

    1 reply

    Wow these are great! I will definitly have to play with this idea.