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Introduction: Steampunk Nerf Blaster Makeover

This is a fun little project.

I started "Blaster Makeovers" recently as a cool easy birthday gift for my brother who loves cool nerdy things. Nothing wrong with that. Who doesn't? So I started doing these simple blasters first. The Nerf Jolt is about as easy as it gets. What I also did was makeover the darts to look like "authentic" bullets...


  • Do not go running around the streets shooting this blaster after redoing it. It looks more like a real gun. Just be smart and avoid scenarios where this simple toy will get killed. The world is a strange place these days. Play it smart. I think Cosplay use is fine though. Most of those people walk around with things like look like real swords etc.

With that out of the way....

I hope you enjoy this instructable!

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Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

You will need...

  1. Nerf Jolt Blaster and Darts
  2. Flat Black Spray Paint
  3. Various Art Brushes
  4. Plastic Paint Tray
  5. Utility Knife
  6. Q-Tips
  7. Rub N' Buff
    • Pewter
    • Antique Gold
    • Grecian Gold
    • Spanish Copper
    • Autumn Gold
  8. Imagination
  9. Sandpaper
  10. String

Step 2: Carefully Carve and Sand Off All of the Writing

  • Carefully carve off all of the raised writing on the Blaster.
  • It has all sorts of warnings and logos that simply need to go!
  • After you have carved them all off more or less, sand the heck out of it to get a more even surface.

Step 3: Adding a String

  • Thread a string through the hole in the cocking mechanism and tie it into a loop so you can hang it while you spray-paint it.
  • Another key thing here is to make sure the cocking mechanism is pull down.

Step 4: Spray-paint the Blaster

  • While holding the looped string, Spray light blasts of black spray-paint on ALL surfaces of the nerf gun.
  • You don't want to spray to thick as this will cause it to look bad and potentially cease functioning.
  • Spray all sides of the gun.
  • Hang up to dry.

Step 5: Apply First Stage of Rub N' Buff

Rub N' Buff is a really neat type of metallic wax than can be applied to almost anything. I use paint brushes and my finger tips. The trick is that A little goes a LONG way! Use this stuff sparingly and lightly. Do not over do it otherwise it won't look right. You can always add more later. I haven't found a good way of taking some off.

Also, how you decorate your blaster is up to you. Feel free to follow exactly how I do it, but this is where your imagination comes into play. Do what makes you happy!

  1. For the gun, I use the following colors of Rub N' Buff:
    • Antique Gold
    • Pewter
    • Spanish Copper
  2. Start with the Antique Gold
    • Squirt a small amount of gold into the paint dish.
    • Using a wider flat brush, dab lightly.
    • Dab the brush off to the side to remove the excess.
    • Lightly brush it on all the areas you wish to be gold.
    • Don't worry if you go onto areas you don't want gold, or can't get into all the nooks and crannies. You will address this later.

Step 6: Apply Next Stages of Rub N' Buff

  1. Go ahead and follow the previous methods for applying the Pewter Rub N' Buff.
  2. Follow the same procedure for the Spanish Copper.
    • Again, do not worry if you aren't perfect at this stage. Fine Work is coming up.

Step 7: Fine Detail Work

At this point you will take a fine tipped brush to clean up stray marks, cover the nooks and crannies, and add fine details.

  • Be careful and patient.
  • The last thing I do is add contrast with parts like "rivets" or "pins." I like to make these a different color than the color they lie in. So if it is a gold section, make the rivet copper or vice versa.

Step 8: Buff the Rub N' Buff

Yes folks, this is the buffing part of the Rub N' Buff name.

  • Buffing really makes the waxes look like metal. It is difficult to take a good picture showing the results, but you can get a mirror finish if you buff it really well.

I use Q-tips to buff the color.

  • Go fast and apply some pressure.
  • Address all of the surfaces.
  • When you are finished, all of the areas should look more real and more metallic (i.e. shiny.)

Step 9: The Dart Makeover

Here is a part I have never seen anybody do before.

  1. I use two colors to make the darts look like real Cartridges.
    • Autumn Gold for the "Bullet"
    • Grecian Gold for the "Shell"
  2. I apply a small amount of Grecian Gold to my finger tip, and rub all around the body of the dart.
    • Don't worry if you get some on the tip. It will be covered by the next color.
  3. Once the Grecian has dried some, apply with a different fingertip the Autumn Gold to the tip.
  4. Using a brush with Grecian Gold, Clean up the dividing line between the two areas.

Your Dart is done!

Step 10: Enjoy Your Cool Steampunk Nerf Blaster!

Enjoy your new and improved blaster! It is still functional, but be warned that too much handling will ruin your fancy new finish. Same goes for the darts. I have pictured here two different blasters that I have completed in the exact same fashion. I even mounted on in a block of reclaimed heartpine for my brothers birthday gift. That way he could set it on a shelf. It really is a neat way to make an ugly plastic blaster into something much more awesome!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

As Always, If you have any questions about this or any of my other instructables, please don't hesitate to ask.

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    3 years ago

    Absolutely fabulous! Hope your brother loves his gift!


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    Thanks! He like it!